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EAU TV 2017

04 Apr 2017


Six months ago, EAU approached Richard Hindley and Neil Barber to get involved in EAUTV for the annual conference held in London at the end of March this year.
Both Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust and Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust were delighted to be involved and we can now provide the full videos here.

Being part of research and patient trials ensures our Urology Consultants are at the forefront of emerging treatments and have an expert opinion on how this can affect patients and the choices they can make to treat Urology related issues. 

Neil Barber features in the video produced withFrimley HealthNHS Foundation Trust where he heads up the team of Urologists. The video addresses the approachFrimley takes to being involved in clinical trials and ensuring they are accurate and effective. Neil discusses the GOLIATH trial forGreenlight laser and the BPH6 trial for theUrolift procedure for which he was the first urologist to perform this treatment in the UK. 

Neil Barber and his team at Frimley Park celebrate 100 Urolift cases

You can watch the video here on You Tube

Hampshire Hospitals video features both Richard Hindley and Tim Nedas discussing the ways in which themselves and the hospitals have been involved in patient trials and new minimally invasive technology including the following:

1.       Greenlight PVP laser

2.       PROMIS trial for Prostate Cancer diagnosis using mpMRI scanning,

3.       Focal therapy trials for treating Prostate Cancer including the Index Light Trial

RichardHindley specialises in the treatment of Prostate Cancer and being involved in these trials enables him to offer patients expert advice and a number of treatment options to best suit their condition and lifestyle. He has been involved in developing these treatments globally and visited Seoul and the Bahamas to help roll out these treatments and deliver training to other surgeons.

Richard Hindley delivering training for
Greenlight Laser 
Surgery in Holland
Richard Hindley and his team at Basingstoke
use their 
new HIFU kit.

You can now view this video on You Tube here.

When treating men with BPH and Prostate Cancer there is no "one fits all" approach. Every patient has different needs and their lifestyle has huge implications on the treatments they choose. Our team of Urologists will ensure you get all the information and opinions you need to make an informed choice.