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Patient Stories

Our patients are our advocates for how we have worked with them to make the best choice for their Urological conditions and how the expertise of our teams ensured they had the best care possible. Here are their stories on the journey from diagnosis to treatment and how it has changed their life. These stories are all written by the patients themselves following their treatment with Urology Partners.


My iTIND journey - Better sleep and general well being - definitely worth it!

Condition: BPH
Treatment: iTIND
Name: Mr S, Hampshire

Following a number of years of suffering with urinary issues - which were having an increasingly detrimental impact on my quality of life - and the Tamsulosin prescription not having the desired affect, I decided that having a minimally invasive procedure may be a solution.

My increasing nocturnal urination (3 or more times per night), frequent visits to urinate during the day and general low flow was something I really wanted to do something about.

My father had undergone the TURP procedure and did not have a positive experience and it was certainly something I did not want to undergo. Having researched the options, I discovered iTIND and after discussions with Professor Hindley, I decided it was the best solution for me.

The insertion of the device under a light general anaesthetic was a day procedure and there was some discomfort following the insertion. The week of having the implant in my bladder was an uncomfortable week with pain on urination and blood in the urine. I was having to be very close to a toilet for the whole week as I needed to go very frequently and with urgency. I was certainly looking forward to the removal the after 7 days.

The removal of the device was again a simple procedure under another light anaesthetic. Once removed I started to feel more comfortable straight away. Initially I still needed to go to the toilet a lot including during the night probably more than before the procedure – 3 to 5 times per night. The discomfort on urination persisted for a further 1-2 weeks however it did subside compared to when the device was in place.

I kept taking the Tamsulosin for 2- 3 weeks and then discontinued that. After two weeks my frequency of urination and discomfort improved dramatically. The pain disappeared and my visits to the toilet reduced.

After about 4 weeks post the procedure I am delighted with the results. My urinary flow has improved and I have reduced my daily urinations a lot. I no longer worry about how far I am from a toilet and can hold on for a lot longer. My nocturnal requirements to urinate have improved beyond my expectations I am now down to once a night occasionally twice. This has made a big difference to me resulting in better sleep and general wellbeing. Not needing the Tamsulosin is a also a big plus as I do not seem to have the light headiness feelings I had sometimes with it. My sexual function also seems to have improved which is another benefit.

I would certainly recommend the procedure to others as an alternative to more invasive surgery. My advice would be to plan for a week at home following the insertion close to a toilet and persevere with the discomfort during the first few weeks as it does improve and is certainly worth it in the long run!

such a relief....

Condition: BPH
Treatment: Greenlight Laser PVP
Name: Mr R, Derbyshire

Amazing result!

Following previous bladder surgery I found myself to be almost completely 'blocked' - having been suffering very badly beforehand with regard to being able to pass water. This continued for five months (with self-catheterisation being required three times a day - and several UTIs along the way).

Salvation came in the form of a consultation with Professor Richard Hindley and subsequent Greenlight Laser prostate surgery, which he performed at the Hampshire Clinic in April 2023. The results have been completely astounding. This was a self-pay treatment, but so worth it, and such a relief not to have had a TURP. An overnight stay, a few days with a catheter in, a little blood - and that was it. No pain or discomfort at all.

I cannot thank Richard, Anita and all the staff at the Clinic enough for what they have done for me.

No side affects, no more urgency or getting up at night. I can recommend it

Condition: BPH
Treatment: Aquablation
Name: Mr F

Neil and his patient go through the journey of choosing Aquablation therapy to treat BPH. This treatment is offering patients the confidence to choose a minimally invasive surgical treatment that has minimal risks to affecting sexual and urinary function.

Finding the right treatment for YOUR BPH

Condition: BPH
Treatment: Rezum
Name: Mr E, Dorset

As the range of treatments to treat BPH is expanding, our patient, Charles Ellis was keen to share his experience and story of Rezum.

No side affects and all normal sexual functionality preserved.

Condition: BPH
Treatment: Urolift
Name: Mr H, Kent

I am 69 and very healthy. Symptoms of BPH started when I was 50 in 2001 and progressively got worse over the years despite various medications and other natural remedies. I  had two previous procedures for BPH, in 2013 Prostate Artery Embolisation and in 2016 Standard Urolift both with different Urology Consultants prior to meeting Neil Barber in 2020. Neither of the two previous procedures made any meaningful difference and for good reason, I did not have a typical BPH constriction problem, it was exacerbated by an enlarged protruding Median Lobe which neither of the previous procedures could properly rectify. I had avoided having TURP and other procedures which most likely would have worked but risked unwanted side effects. Flow was literally down to an embarrassing and uncomfortable trickle and there were a few occasions when I thought I may go into Acute Urinary retention but fortunately didn’t.

I was an enthusiastic supporter of Urolift even though the standard version of their procedure had not fixed the problem. I had read about a pioneering variation of Standard Urolift developed by Peter Chin in Australia for BPH Median Lobe patients. I also read that Neil Barber was one of only a few consultants in Europe who had been working closely with Peter Chin on this innovative development. It took a few years for this variation to get to regulatory approval so I waited until it did. I contacted Neil early 2020 and got an appointment with him in just a few weeks. He gave me total confidence that he knew what needed to be done relative to my condition with this new pioneering variation, he has a great manner and brings a bit of humour  – great guy! Remarkably I was booked in for the procedure within 6 weeks through the NHS at Spire Clare Park but then Covid happened and it got postponed till late September. The procedure has now been done and has been an incredible success, I had a general anaesthetic but was out of the hospital within 5 hours and peeing like a horse – no catheter needed! Within two days I was cycling again and a week later spent a few days on holiday in the UK. Two months in now and all is great, flow is like it was in my twenties and everything else works perfectly. No side effects and all normal sexual functionality preserved. I get up just once a night now and I expect with a bit more self-discipline and not drinking coffee late in the evening I could probably go through the whole night.

Can’t recommend Neil highly enough, he’s absolutely at the top of his game as a Urological consultant and an absolute delight to meet.

Urology Partners were First Class

Condition: Kidney Stones
Treatment: Surgical removal of kidney stones
Name: Mr B, Hampshire

Getting rapid access to kidney stones treatment isn't always easy. In this video, our patient - a super fit dad - was able to get his stones treated within 24 hours and allow him to carry on his planned trip for the weekend.


Exceeded my expectations

Condition: BPH
Treatment: Rezum
Name: Mr O, Surrey

Richard Hindley's patient shares his journey on getting to Rezum treatment and how it transformed his everyday life

"My quality of life was deteriorating...."

Condition: BPH
Treatment: Aquablation
Name: Mr H, Fleet

Impeded urine flow was having a huge impact on my quality of life which was deteriorating, and so taking the step to having prostate surgery was essential. I chose Aquablation because I perceived it to be as good as other options, whilst minimising the likelihood of side effects, both sexual and continence.

My proceduere experience from beginning to end was all dealt with most professionally and in an unflappable supportive way.
Whilst having a catheter can seem daunting,it was undertaken with consideration, and at no time did I feel any sense of embarrassment despite the intimate nature of the treatment. The nursing staff showed care and discretion, making me and my family feel most welcome. They were absolutely flexible and accommodating over the timing of my departure.

After the operation it took about 1 month before I felt confident when out of the house without thinking about the location of the nearest loo. Five months on, I so rarely consider it, I sometimes leave it almost too late. I can now go to a restaurant or the cinema without any worries.
I have total confidence in Neil Barber who has been great to deal with, approaching potentially embarrassing subjects as if talking about woodwork or even plumbing.

"Back on the golf course 2 weeks later."

Condition: BPH
Treatment: Aquablation
Name: Mr S, Derbyshire

Being lucky enough to enjoy being retired and considering myself to be reasonably fit, the affects of BPH were beginning to have a detrimental affect on my quality of life. My prostate started giving me problems in my mid-fifties with frequent visits to the toilet at night. I went to see my doctor who confirmed an enlarged prostate but suggested that apart from an annual PSA test I should leave everything alone for as long as possible – on reflection I think this was good advice.
At the beginning of 2018 it was apparent that I was only getting 2 hours of sleep between visits to the toilet – as many as 4/5 times each night. Following further examinations, I was prescribed tablets as a first option to relax the prostate and I took these for 6 months – however there was no significant improvement and the Consultant suggested a TURPs procedure.

While on the waiting list which had extended to 6 months due to a backlog I started to undertake my own research into other possible options. New techniques or procedures seemed to be coming quickly through and I read about REZUM, pinning up the prostate and finally Aquablation. The problem I faced was that these procedures were not readily available because they were so new and some were still awaiting NICE approval I wanted a procedure which was less invasive, recovery quick and reduced side effects.
Moving matters forward was not easy until I spotted an article in a daily newspaper which was on Aquablation. This seemed to answer my requirements and with further research it became apparent that I could only have the procedure as a private patient. I needed to find out more and as the article had mentioned Neil Barber by name I contacted him through the Urology Partners and arranged an appointment to meet him in London for a consultation. At that meeting he examined me and went through my medical history. He also took the time to explain the current research and latest procedures advising those available through the NHS and Private Medical care

My mind was made up and I knew that the procedure I wanted was Aquablation. I was happy that the use of robotics and computers lead to a more accurate approach and felt that the use of high pressure water to cut through the prostate was less invasive and should lead to a quicker recovery. The expectation was for less bleeding and a reduced period when I needed the use of a catheter
Some 6 weeks later, I had my procedure done and after surgery, which lasted just over an hour, I was back in my room. I experienced very little pain, had some intravenous morphine while in the recovery room but after that no painkillers whatsoever. I had 24 hours with a catheter, and an hour after it was removed I was urinating as normal (although there was blood in the urine).  

On the Sunday morning I was discharged and took a train journey home to the Midlands. While a little more tired than normal the bleeding had stopped by the Monday and as far as I was concerned it was business as usual. I felt great and had to remind myself not to do too much too soon – just two weeks later I was back on the golf course.

"Great improvement in the quality of my life"

Condition: BPH
Treatment: Aquablation
Name: Mr Y, Masachussets, USA

I am a 75 year old man and for many years I had BPH with frequent and urgent urination as well as a greatly reduced flow rate. Although I kept the BPH symptoms under control with herbal supplements for several years, the last couple of years the symptoms had become more severe with my needing to get up a few times every night to urinate. Having a large prostate volume minimised the options available to be and having researched all surgical options, I wasn't happy with the potential side affects and having a long general anaesthetic.

I discovered Aquablation on the Internet and managed to find out how I could access it in the UK with Mr Neil Barber. Fortunately Mr Barber was in the US attending the Annual American Urological Association Conference so we were able to meet and get the process moving.  
After two nights in the hospital, I was out and about in London getting a chance to see the sights on my overseas trip.  Had I lived locally, I would have only needed 1 night in hospital.  The procedure removed about half of the volume of my prostate and my urine was pink for more than 4 weeks --- although my blood tests showed no problem with blood loss and Mr. Barber kept reassuring me that the pink urine for a few weeks was expected.  I had little pain except for some stinging when urinating for the first couple of weeks and no incontinence.

It has now been three months since the surgery and my flow rate and frequency of urination is that of a young man.  I had strong urgency for a few weeks but that has now subsided.  I have not had the slightest incontinence and I get up at night just once to urinate.  The procedure did leave me with retrograde ejaculation but I had become used to that as a side effect of the Rapaflo I had been taking for a couple of years.  My PSA dropped from a value of 6.9 before the surgery to a value of 2.9 two months after the surgery.

I could not have asked for a more impressive surgeon who patiently and clearly answered my many questions.  His confident expertise and relaxed manner continually put me and my wife at ease.  I am very grateful to him and his outstanding team of doctors and nurses at Weymouth Street Hospital for bringing about this great improvement in the quality of my life.

"Improvement in my health has been superb"

Condition: BPH
Treatment: Rezum
Name: Mr L, Hampshire

I first experienced incontinence about 5/6 years ago. I was going to the loo more and more urgently. I saw my GP who diagnosed urge incontinence and prescribed Tamsulosin. Although this drug helped, it wasn’t a significant improvement.

In August/September of 2017, I read an article in the medical page of The Daily Mail which referred o a experimental procedures called Rezum which was of particular interest because the consultant was local to my hospital here in Basingstoke. I had done some research on various procedures which might have helped such as TURP and plastic embolisation. However, being 81, I was a bit reluctant to go under the knife.

I contacted my GP and discussed the Rezum procedure and she referred me to Richard Hindley. I saw Richard at Hampshire Hospital NHS Trust and he agreed to take me on as a Rezum candidate. I had the procedure carried out at BMI The Hampshire Clinic in December.

"Thoroughly recommend the Rezum procedure"

Condition: BPH
Treatment: Rezum
Name: Mr M, County Kildare

I am now 70 years old and for the last fifteen have had steadily worsening symptoms of BPH. 

Despite an urgent need to pee, I was unable to initiate a flow on most occasions until about a minute had passed. This then resulted in a very weak dribble and the inability to empty my bladder completely. I was having to return to the toilet constantly during the day. Night times were even worse. I would regularly wake seven or eight times a night in order to pee and it took even longer then to initiate a flow, sometimes for up to two minutes. I needed sleeping pills to help me through the night and my quality of life was very poor in consequence. 

Having had many tests and been prescribed a variety of pills, none of which did anything to alleviate my symptoms, it was reading various media stories on Rezum and its NICE approval which provoked me into further research. Having discovered Professor Hindley, I was able to arrange an initial telephone consultation which we left me in no doubt that it would be life changing for me if Rezum treatment was to be successful. 

It was a big step for me, as being from Ireland, it involved the need for air travel, car hire and accommodation costs over a three week period, but I can say in all sincerity that it was the best money I have ever spent. I had to fund it all myself as I had no private medical cover. 
I was very well treated as a daycare patient at the Hampshire Clinic by Richard and all of the other staff there. 

The only drawback to the procedure was the need for a temporary catheter afterwards but as soon it was removed the success of the surgery was immediately evidenced by a powerful flow rate such as I hadn't seen since my thirties. 
Although peeing was a little painful for the first week, it quickly improved and after four weeks was no longer painful at all.

I would thoroughly recommend the Rezum procedure offered by Professor Hindley to anyone suffering from the classic symptoms of BPH, benign prostatic hyperplasia.

"My quality of life has returned"

Condition: BPH
Treatment: Greenlight Laser PVP
Name: Mr C, Hampshire

Following a couple of years of BPH symptoms including frequency of needing the toilet - especially at night, urgency, urinary infections and retention, it was decided that I needed corrective surgery. Medication hadn't worked and the problems were worsening.
Having looked into treatment options, it appeared recovery could take some time. The option of a TURP did not appeal and not all the minimally invasive options were going to suit me.Following a consultation with Richard Hindley and various diagnostics, we decided on GreenLight Laser as I had a sizeable prostate of 125ml. Green Light Laser surgery I was assured should last out my lifetime.

Following the procedure, I was expecting some pain afterwards, but there wasn't any. After an overnight stay, I returned home with a catheter. I immediately stopped taking the Tamulosin & the hallucinations I had been getting at night stopped.
After the catheter was removed, there was an immediate improvement in flow, and following recovery recommendations my urine soon became clear.

Five months after the procedure, I have fully recovered, my quality of life has returned, also my sex drive, without retrograde ejaculation.

My thanks go to Mr Hindley & his team at The Hampshire Clinic.

"Positive affect on both physical and mental wellbeing"

Condition: BPH
Treatment: Greenlight Laser PVP
Name: Mr H, Fleet

For the last 18 months I suffered from an enlarged prostate which made my life increasingly difficult. Eventually I had a Greenlight Laser procedure carried out by Mr Barber with his brilliant skill, and ably assisted by his team at Spire Clare Park hospital.

Following the operation, I did not feel any pain, just some discomfort and some bleeding which ceased in 3 weeks. My entire physical and mental life has improved a great deal. I would also like to mention that all the hospital staff treated me with utmost respect and care.


Neil is a leader in this innovative field for surgery

Condition: BPH
Treatment: Urolift
Name: Mr H, Surrey

I had been suffering mild symptoms relating to the prostate over 18 months, including needing to get up a number of times in the night and the urine flow had, at times, been very weak. I certainly wasn’t emptying my bladder. Whilst I wasn’t overly concerned I put the situation down mainly to the ageing process (I am 51). However, I was concerned enough to arrange an appointment to see my GP. I undertook a number of the routine tests including the BPH blood test (PSA) and the infamous digital inspection.  There was no cause for alarm, but I did have a slightly inflamed prostate and was put on a dose of medication to treat this.

I had been taking this for approx 12 months and whilst matters hadn’t particularly worsened equal they had not got any better. Matters took a sudden turn for the worse when I suffered urine retention whilst away in the US. I had been drinking water thinking that would assist with urination only for the matter to worsen when I was unable to urinate to the point of being doubled up in pain. I was admitted to hospital where they diagnosed the problem quickly and I went through catheterisation where they drained nearly a litre of urine in a single procedure. The pain alleviated immediately from the bladder.

I returned home with the catheter in place and a collection bag strapped to my calf. Undignified for sure but at least the immediate relative pain was bypassed. I sought medical assistance from my GP on returning and they referred me to Neil Barber. I clicked with Neil immediately. He explained matters in a very calm and user friendly way and very clearly tabled the options that were open to me. There were a few options, but the Urolift procedure was the one that appealed to me. It was, in medical terms a relatively new procedure, but avoided removing parts of the prostate, avoided heat treatment which can have long term side effects on erectile functionality and had a pretty quick recovery period.

The operation itself was, according to Neil, straightforward and I was in theatre for about 45 minutes in total where I had six implants inserted. I opted for the sedation rather than general anaesthetic. This worked a treat, and I was effectively “out" and have no recollection of the operation itself. I came round as I was being wheeled into the recovery room and passed urine pretty quickly. After being assessed by Neil and the team I was released from hospital that same day. Not a comfortable journey home but I did manage to make it by taxi and train.
I will not pretend the next three days post op were comfortable. There was a lot of blood in the urine. Peeing really stung and for three days I was in significant discomfort when urinating, but by the fourth day matters had significantly improved and I was able to venture confidently away from home without the sudden urge to “go". A week after the op I was well enough to go abroad for a pre planned weeks holiday where I was able to sleep through the night and in no material discomfort when urinating.

I am now some three months on from the operation and have I full sexual functionality, no urges to go to the loo at regular intervals and can get a good nights sleep. The flow is better than I can remember for many years and since the first four days I have not experienced any pain.  
Like all medical procedures so much is down to personal circumstances and diagnosis. All I can do is share my experience, which given the circumstances that preceded was incredibly positive. Neil is a leader in this innovative field of surgery, and he is certainly worth meeting to chat through any personal situation. I am confident you will be reassured by his professionalism and expertise. 

My life has changed so much for the better

Condition: BPH
Treatment: Greenlight Laser PVP
Name: Mr B, Liverpool

Things came to a head when after being diagnosed with BPH and prescribed Tamulosine and Finasteride, I suffered an episode of urine retention. Having been admitted to hospital, it was decided that I would need to self catheterise three times per day. After about six months and feeling I was going nowhere as regards my condition, after speaking with my consultant I was offered to go on a waiting list for Urolift or Taup (the electric knife). I researched both procedures and neither was acceptable to me. I had read in the Daily Mail about Rezum - a procedure which was not invasive and recovery was quick.

I contacted Urology Partners and was fortunate to be able to have a conversation with Professor Hindley which was both encouraging and informative. At my initial consultation, my preference was for Rezum, but on examination Professor Hindley established that my prostate was too large, and that Greenlight Laser was more suitable in my case. I had already researched this procedure and was ready to receive it if Rezum was unsuitable for me. I had my pre operation tests that same afternoon and was back on the road to Liverpool, all in a few hours.On the day of the procedure, I was shown to my comfortable room at the Hampshire Clinic and I saw Professor Hindley, the anaesthetist, and urology specialist nurse Anita Purver.

Having had a general anaesthetic I stayed at the clinic overnight and had excellent treatment from all staff , including expert care from Anita Purver. I had my catheter in for nine days, a few days more than normal because the treatment fell over the Easter holiday. My catheter was removed, I was monitored most of that day for fluid intake and urine measurements, then my urine retention reading in my bladder was recorded and all the parameters were acceptable, and I was discharged.I returned to The Hampshire Clinic after three months for an evaluation of my waterworks and everything was fine.

As for my quality of life, well I feel as though I have been blessed, my life has changed so much for the better. My children and grandchildren live in Gibraltar so that was my first destination without having to self catheterise, and I have just returned from a motoring holiday to France. After having been told that my prostate was too large to operate on by my NHS consultant, to having the Greenlight Laser procedure my life has turned around. Many thanks to Professor Richard Hindley and Anita Purver - they work together like the Dynamic Duo, and all staff at The Hampshire Clinic.

At the age of 70, I have now stopped taking my prostate medication since the day of my Greenlight procedure, and also enjoy the luxury of not having to get up in the night to go to the loo.  

Truly excellent service

Condition: BPH
Treatment: Rezum
Name: Mr P, Gloucestershire

Following the Rezum procedure, I would like to express my sincere thanks for the truly excellent service I received under your care and that of your great team.I was particularly grateful for the time and courtesy extended to me during the consultation and at our pre-op meeting when you were at great pains to explain every aspect of this procedure.

When I initially came to see you I have to admit I was terrified at the prospect of a TURP given my age and the possible numerous risks and the lengthy recovery time. I am so glad that I did my research and the fact that you agreed to see me so quickly and fit my procedure into your busy schedule. Your reassurance that I made the right choice was very much appreciated.

I am recovering well with no pain, no doubt due to your skill and professionalism. I look forward to the day when I am catheter free which can’t come soon enough. Thanks once again

An ode to Greenlight Laser

Condition: BPH
Treatment: Greenlight Laser PVP
Name: Mr J, London

An alternative message of thanks from this talented patient's wife.
Professor Hindley: I’d like you to know
I’m enjoying improvement in ‘flow’!
Sleep is better: even once this week,
1.30 to rising – no need for a leak!
One thing I’ll say, and that’s the best part -
I don’t stand waiting for minutes…to ‘start’!
Thank You: for doing your magic on me
Green Light’s improving my life quality
Now looking forward to getting more sleep
Less disturbance when slumber is ‘deep’
New lease of life with a strengthening flow
Thought: as my surgeon, you’d just like to know.

I can honestly say my flow rate has never been better

Condition: BPH
Treatment: Rezum
Name: Mr A, Hampshire

I knew something was wrong with the waterworks, and naturally feared the worst. Initial tests suggested that it was BPH rather than anything more serious. However until, under the care of Richard Hindley, this was confirmed by an MRI scan, it was a tense period. Mr Hindley had talked about Rezum, but because it was still early days he had, quite properly, not pushed this treatment too hard and in fact, when the diagnosis was clear, initially suggested green light laser. On reflection this may have been because I had a significantly enlarged prostate.

I was intrigued by Rezum and had taken the time to research as well as I was able. It was clearly a new treatment, but the results appeared to be excellent. I am by nature, willing to take informed risks and this seemed to be a good one but I wanted to talk through all the options. The honesty and openness of Mr Hindley and Anita Purver (Urology Specialist Nurse) was most refreshing. I felt very safe in their hands and decided to go with Rezum.

The operation went smoothly and effectively painlessly. I learned that 13 steam jets had been administered. That was quite a lot! I have to say that the period with the catheter was not fun, and in fact I was sufficiently troubled on Christmas day (don’t have the operation just before Christmas!) that I called Anita for help. She was utterly amazing and met me that afternoon to flush out the system and restore a level of comfort. Talk about going above and beyond!

But once the dreaded catheter was out, an experience I can only describe as pure bliss, the healing process commenced and the body started to flush out the treated tissue. For me it took longer than expected, around six months before the system was completely clear and stable. But the positive side is that for almost all of that time my waterworks appear to have reverted to something more akin to that of an 18 year old.  Today at 70, I can honestly say my flow rate has never been better. Control is excellent (four or five hours during the day is not unusual) and getting up in the night is now entirely voluntary (only necessary if I consume a lot of liquid before bed), and I have encountered no negative side effects.

Many thanks to an impressive team who clearly know their stuff, operate with honesty, listened to my random thoughts and questions and fully included me in the decision process, and most importantly did an excellent job. It’s been a privilege to be treated by you.

Quality of life is significantly improved

Condition: BPH
Treatment: Rezum
Name: Mr G, Hampshire

I was referred to Richard Hindley by my doctor in 2010 as a result of an elevated PSA and enlarged prostate. At this time I was prescribed Finasteride with my PSA to be regularly monitored. For the next few years my PSA stayed at an acceptable level but over the last two years it has increased.

The result has been getting up 3–7 times each night and I never really felt that I was able to empty my bladder. During the day when I felt the need to urinate I had to find a toilet very quickly. With the problem becoming a 24 hour a day issue, my quality of life was a serious issue and something had to be done.

I met with Richard at BMI The Hampshire Clinic in May 2018 for a routine review and with my symptoms getting worse he mentioned the Rezum treatment. I was immediately interested and agreed to schedule the procedure as it’s a non-invasive, straight forward procedure with excellent success rates.

I decided to have a general anaesthetic, everything went smoothly and I was home the same day with a catheter that I had in for 4 days. Richard said I had 6 jets of steam during the procedure.

Within three weeks I was starting to see a benefit, getting up in the night dropped to twice a night and then down to once a night and sometimes not needing to get up at all.The feeling of urgency was totally gone as well as no longer taking Finasteride.

My quality of life is significantly improved and I only wish Rezum had been available 5 years ago as I would have been less sleep deprived and generally much happier. However as they say better late than never.

My thanks to Richard Hindley and his amazing team.

A full round of golf is now possible!

Condition: BPH
Treatment: Rezum
Name: Mr P, Northumberland

I am a 71 year old man and I live on the Cumbria/Northumberland border. I first noticed I was getting up more during the night to go to the toilet in my early sixties. This issue grew steadily worse, up to four times a night.

I initially went to see my GP who referred me to a Urologist. I was diagnosed with an enlarged prostate and the consultant recommended that I have an operation. I was provided with details of the procedure for a TURP, which would be painful with a fairly lengthy recovery time and a 20% chance that I would lose my libido. I felt very uneasy about this so I began researching alternative treatments. I found information on cage method, staples & laser treatments. Then I came across an article in The Daily Mail about a new method using a blast of steam. This method really appealed to me as it was much less invasive, the recovery times were much quicker and there was a less than 0.2% chance of libido loss.

I made an appointment and travelled down to see Mr Hindley. I found Mr Hindley very informative and although this procedure is really common in the U.S, he was the only Urologist performing it in the UK. Mr Hindley fully explained to me the whole procedure. The treatment was quicker and much less invasive to alternatives and more importantly, the recovery was speedier, meaning I could get back to my game of golf within a few weeks!

The treatment went very well, I had no discomfort but did have a catheter fitted so had to stay in Basingstoke for a few days until it was removed. After that I felt fine and experience no pain or discomfort.
A few weeks later I met Mr Hindley again whereby upon examination, he measured my flow and he gave me a clean bill of health.

I have experienced a vast improvement in my circumstances. I only get up once or twice in the night now, I can go a full round of golf for 4.5 hours without needing the loo and my sex life is normal.

Overall I would highly recommend this option for enlarged prostate and I do hope it is made available on the NHS and in particular at local hospitals around the country.

Richard's expertise supported by a fantastic team makes the journey to getting older much easier.

Condition: BPH
Treatment: Rezum
Name: Mr R, Worcestershire

By the time I saw Richard Hindley at The Hampshire Clinic in March 2018, I was already 3 years down the road with an enlarged prostate.

The Dr’s surgery that I had been with for so many years dismissed my problems as medication related and I believed them.. they were Doctors afterall. When I visited my doctor again, I raised my concerns as we were due to go on a Norwegian cruise, with the possibility of bunk beds…no joke.

Fortunately my new doctor examined me and said quite bluntly “enlarged prostate”. I had remembered reading about Rezum treatment in the Mail on Sunday 6 months previously and thinking at the time that I needs be I would have this treatment because of the fact that it was un-invasive and seemed a straightforward procedure with a very near 100% success rate. My doctor had not heard of the treatment but referred me, and within a week I was talking to Mr Hindley and finalising the date of treatment the following week. Quick work everybody!

Having chosen to have a general anaesthetic, everything went smoothly and I was home the same day with a catheter. I had 5 jets of steam during the procedure.

The following week, getting up in the night dropped to twice a night and then down to once a night, depending on if I had a pint of shandy when playing skittles.

One wake up is now the norm and the Rezum treatment has been a total success and I would recommend to anyone.

However, that is my story. I now have at least 3 years of sleep deprivation to catch up on!

Thanks Professor Hindley, who with his expertise and fantastic team, has made getting old a much better proposition.

Morale of the story is.. do not suffer, get any condition sorted. There is a way for anyone.

Neil put me at ease and I would recommend anyone to see him for their prostate problems

Condition: BPH
Treatment: Urolift
Name: Mr K, Surrey

For a numbers of years I had been struggling with bladder frequency and urine flow problems. I had been investigated privately by another consultant who suggested I had bladder dystonia problems and requested my GP to prescribe Regurin tablets which I had taken for over three years without much success.

Earlier this year I revisited my GP who referred me privately to Mr Neil Barber. Prior to my first appointment I was very apprehensive but after our initial consultation with investigations and advice regarding surgical treatment with the Urolift procedure as a daycase, l was confident with his recommendation. Neil puts you immediately at ease and has a great sense of humour and conveyed all of the necessary information about what the procedure involved and the pro's and con's post-operatively.

My surgery took place in April and at my 6 week follow up appointment with Neil I could not thank him enough for instigating such a positive change in my quality of life. I can honestly say that I will continue to recommend to friends and colleagues experiencing the same or similar symptoms, to consult with Mr Neil Barber and if advised you require the Urolift procedure then you can be confident about the results. 

Exceptional care for keeping me alive.

Condition: Prostate Cancer
Treatment: HIFU
Name: Mr S, Hampshire

Just wanted to say a great big thank you for looking after me so well last week.  Richard thank you for the precision sharp shooting, Peter (anaesthetist) for finding a vein in my hand I did not know I still had, oh and to both of you for keeping me alive!

I must report that seeing the catheter sticking out of my abdomen when shaving each morning was not the greatest, but I did get used to it.  As I said to Anita, when she was deftly removing it, the advantage with the abdominal catheter is that one can try out the original equipment and make sure it is all working properly before the catheter is removed, greatly reducing the likelihood that a re-fit will be necessary!

I would also like to say I found the Hampshire Clinic brilliant in all respects, from the lady that showed me to my room, the very helpful late night receptionist, Emma who did part of my pre-Op stuff, my night nurses Kelly and Kay, my day nurse who’s name now escapes me, though she was lovely and obviously the truly marvellous Anita Purver.  Nothing was too much trouble for her.  She made time to explain every little detail and answer all my questions and always responded to my calls or texts, even on the days when she was not on duty!

What can I say.  Many thanks to one and all.

An amazing treatment carried out quickly and efficiently

Condition: BPH
Treatment: Rezum
Name: Mr W, Devon

For many years, since the early 1990’s I had terrible urgency problems whereby the desire to urinate suddenly happened and I just had to find anywhere suitable to go, being as discrete as I could if in a busy place.

More recently since 2010 I have been getting up 2 – 5 times each night, and never really felt that I was able to empty my bladder. I was recommended to have a TURP but fortunately I read about the REZUM treatment offered at North Hampshire Hospital and was pleased to be offered the procedure.
Since then, I am only getting up once a night now, and sometimes going right through and the feelings of urgency have gone completely. I am able to stop taking Finasteride as well.

So overall, an amazing treatment done quickly and efficiently and my thanks to Richard Hindley and his amazing team.

I have been looked after by such excellent professionals

Condition: Kidney Stones
Treatment: Surgical removal of kidney stones
Name: Mr Y, Surrey

A big thank you to Simon Bott, your secretaries and the whole of your medical teams at both Clare Park and Parkside for the wonderful treatment that you have provided to me over the last week. 

All of the care that I have received from you and your team has been really first class, and it has been a great reassurance to me and my family that I have been looked after by such excellent professionals. 

When you saw me in September and advised me that I had some large stones in my left kidney that really needed an operation, it was great to be able to have the operation the very next day.  The care that I received at Clare Park for my operation and overnight stay was exceptionally good, and my subsequent recovery has meant that I can now travel to the USA in a few weeks time with no medical concerns.

Please pass on my thanks to the whole of your team.

Name: Mr H, Hampshire

For some years, I had taken Tamsulosin to ease problems of frequency of urination and decrease in flow. By early this year, the problems were getting more noticeable; in particular a very strong urge to urinate on occasions and I suffered a couple of instances of urge incontinence. This led me to Neil Barber. After ultrasound, uroflowmetry tests and an estimating prostate volume (over100ml), he confirmed BPH (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia). He talked me through the pros and cons of the various options for treatment and I decided to have the Greenlight XPS laser prostatectomy.

The operation took place at Spire Clare Park and all went extremely well. The catheter was removed next morning and I could urinate almost immediately, with very strong flow. Over the next couple of days I had some very minor pain on urinating. The blood in the urine virtually disappeared after three days. I recovered very quickly and played 18 holes of golf two weeks after the operation. For the last six months, all my previous symptoms have disappeared. Urine flow is strong, starts and finishes quickly and bladder feels empty. 

I am delighted with the success of the operation. Neil Barber is an outstanding consultant surgeon and I would recommend him without reservation.


Name: Mr C, Hampshire

Many thanks to Marie (Secretary) and Anita (Urology Practice Nurse). I really appreciate Anita’s advice and explanation. 

Mr Hindley is clearly a top specialist in his field. What a great team you have there (BMI Hampshire Clinic).

Name: Mr L, Surrey

After many years tolerating problems and reluctant to undergo conventional surgery, I was pleased to learn from Urology Partners of the UroLift procedure.

The operation was far less uncomfortable than I had expected and recovery a matter of a few days.

Now three months on my symptoms are very much improved with night visits reduced from six to three and my IPSS score halved. Improvement is continuing with no need for medication and more a question of re-educating to further reduce frequency.

Name: Mr G, Surrey

Dear Mr Bott,A few seconds of your time to just say thank you to you and your 'team' for a successful 'OP'.
I and so many others I am sure, are indebted to you for your professional skill and services.

Name: Mr T, Surrey

I recently underwent prostate surgery using the Green Laser procedure and I just wanted to say how pleased I am with the outcome.   

Prior to the op, Mr Barber went out of his way to make sure I understood not only what was going to happen but also what the, very limited, after effects might be. Brilliant.   I am delighted with both the procedure and the way it's sorted the problem with the minimum inconvenience to me and my life.

Name: Mr D, Surrey

I was experiencing a poor bladder flow and was very apprehensive regarding the Greenlight surgery.

From the start Neil Barber was very informative and placed me at ease, he detailed the procedure and explained fully what was to be expected.  

On the day of the surgery all relevant staff at the Nuffield Hospital Woking made me feel comfortable. I need not have worried, the operation was successful without any discomfort.  

As a result my flow is better than it has ever been.  If any person is anxious regarding this surgery I would highly recommend Mr Barber and his team at Woking.

Many thanks to all.

Name: Mr J, Surrey

In 2012 I had a TURP for BPH. This did not appear to be successful because I had a catheter in situ for 3 months afterwards. Some symptoms were relieved but matters became progressively worse again that simple activities like eating out, going to the cinema or going for a walk were governed but the location of public conveniences.

Late 2016 I decided that another operation was needed. The green light procedure was carried out by Mr Neil Barber at a Spire Hospital in Surrey in November. The following morning the catheter was removed and I immediately realised that he had done an excellent job. Urine flow was strong. I had no discomfort or pain and was discharged that same morning. I felt so well that I joined my friends for a chipping and putting 9 holes of golf the following Wednesday, less than a week after the procedure. Three months on and I feel just as good as day one.  

I recommend Mr Barber and his green light procedure to anyone needing prostate surgery. He is a very pleasant and competent surgeon. This procedure has changed my life and has given me my freedom back.

Thank you so much Mr Barber for making my life enjoyable again.

Name: Mr C, Surrey

I am writing to thank Neil Barber for the way he treated me when I suffered sudden urine retention and an enlarged prostate.

From my first meeting with Neil I felt he fully understood my illness and how I felt about it. His care up to my procedure and afterwards was 10 out of 10. His skill in doing my procedure was amazing, leaving me with no pain and being able to be discharged from hospital the next morning.

If one is in need of treatment for this condition, I wholeheartedly recommend him

Name: Mr B, Surrey

Mr Neil Barber is a very pleasant, helpful man who put my anxieties at rest when I talked him about this procedure.

Prior to the operation my trips to the bathroom happened every hour or so during the night; and with the help of Tamulosin I was able to last up to four hours during the day. I decided to have the green light laser treatment in November 2016. The operation was at Nuffield Health Hospital in Woking and it went well. I was allowed home the next day.

Now, two months after the operation, I can sleep every night for 3-4 hours without going to the bathroom. My urine flow is very strong and I empty my bladder each time.

Since the operation I no longer need the Tamulosin and I only need to urinate every 4-5 hours during the day. I would recommend this operation to anyone who needs it. Thank you Mr Barber.

Name: Mr M, Basingstoke

I just want to express my thanks to Mr Richard Hindley and his team, especially Anita, for the treatment and care I received at the Hampshire Clinic.

Mr Hindley performed my greenlight laser prostatectomy in early March and now 6 months on I can honestly say it has changed my life.

Before treatment I was anxious about going on a car journey for more than about 1.5 hours for fear of not finding a service station or loo. I would be up 2 or 3 times a night which meant I would feel tired during the day and of course I was disturbing my wife's sleep as well.

Since the procedure I do not wake up during the night and now have no issues with traffic jams!!. I feel so much better in myself because of getting a good night's sleep. Needless to say my wife is delighted too.

I would strongly recommend to any man who is experiencing prostate problems to contact their GP to get it investigated. If you could be recommended to Mr Hindley you will be in the best of care.

Name: Mr L,

I should like to express my thanks to Neil Barber and his team for the green light laser procedure carried out in June at Weymouth Street Hospital.

Having suffered from the symptoms of BPH for the last 8-10 years I finally had to attend the A&E Department at my local hospital at the end of April 2016 with acute urinary retention. Following another 2 further visits to A&E and 2 months of appointments and tests, I decided I didn't want to wait a further 3 weeks. I went online and found the website for Urology Partners and made an appointment to see Neil Barber just days later at Spire Clare Park, Crondall. He was able to carry out the Green Light laser procedure just 2 weeks later in Harley Street and I left the hospital the next day able to void.

Neil Barber advised that I had bladder stones and they may have to be dealt with separately if they did not pass naturally but 3 days after the procedure they were passed in my urine and a follow up ultrasound scan showed that there were none left in the bladder.

I have nothing but the highest praise for Neil Barber and his team and only wish that I had the procedure done sooner. I now, some 3 months after the procedure, do not have to get up 3 times every night to urinate, and can go on long car journeys without stopping every hour!

At 68 years of age I am enjoying life again without the embarrassing and annoying symptoms of BPH.

Name: Mr R, Lincolnshire

I recently had a follow up appointment with Mr Barber having had the Urolift procedure and I would like to say how satisfied I am with the whole procedure. The pre op procedures and tests were thorough and given that I had never been in hospital before and that I am the definitive coward, I was made to feel very comfortable and I was surprisingly calm.

The operation was quick painless as I knew nothing as to what was going on. The period after the operation was as comfortable as you can be, as I had to have a catheter and a overnight stay, where I was looked after fantastically by the staff on the ward.
I was released the next day and was mowing my son's lawn the day after and being dragged round the shops by my wife. I had no discomfort and was passing urine with ease and no pain at all.

Within a week I was off my BPH tablets and passing urine as well as I was before the problem started. I had no problem with erectile dysfunction or ejaculation, in fact I was more comfortable than I had been before.

I would have no hesitation in recommending this procedure, subject to the obvious recommendations by Mr Barber.I hope my story will help other patients suffering from this uncomfortable and distressing condition .Once again a big, big thank you to Mr Barber and his team at Spire Clare Park Hospital.

17 months following his Urolift procedure, Mr R's testimonial continues:

Thank you for your letter, I am still pleased with the results and as I discussed with my GP recently, at my age I am never going to be as good as a twenty year old, as my prostate is obviously continually changing.

My GP agreed that the operation has taken me off the tablets for some unknown time and reduced my symptoms to a level that I would never have had if I had not gone to him in the first place and that I could go back on the tablets at a later date should I need too. Which might well put off the inevitable, which is the dreaded TURP.

Given my age by then I would most likely have a lot more to worry about than my prostate. I would like to thank you for your skills, which has relieved or reduced significantly pretty much all of the symptoms for now.

Name: Mr R, London

I would like to offer this recommendation for Neil Barber's Green Light Laser Surgery. I am a 71-year-old male that had a very enlarged prostate of 170m grams. I went into the Weymouth Street Hospital on a Friday afternoon,  had my operation and was discharged the following morning.

After having had urinary retention and a catheter fitted for 4 1/2 months, I consider Neil to have given me my life back. The recovery time was very quick, the attention at the hospital was faultless, and 3 months on, all my old symptoms have disappeared.

I couldn't praise Neil or the treatment I had at the hospital enough.

Name: Mr L, Surrey

I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you for your care and consideration regarding the Urolift procedure that you performed on me in February 2015.
As you may remember I was referred to your good self with chronic prostatitis, and after you had examined me, you recommended that the lift procedure might greatly improve my flow and strength on passing water. You recommended this procedure above some other, much more invasive procedures, which also had some sexual performance issues.

Now, after 18 months, you were kind enough to check that everything had healed and all was as it should be, and I now have a flow with 100% improvement! I can only thank you for recommending the lift procedure. At the moment, the prostatitis is a very rare occurrence.

Name: Mr G, Lincolnshire

Having suffered for 2 years with prostatic hypertension and the problems associated with it including poor urine flow and retention making repeated visits to the toilet both day and night, I finally decided to seek treatment by a urologist in November 2015.  Research revealed different surgical interventions and consultant urologists and I decided to seek consultation with Mr Neil Barber of Urology Partners.

Following examination, and the advice of Mr Barber, I elected to have Greenlight Laser XPS treatment. I was given comprehensive information and guidance by Mr Barber regarding the surgery and post operative care and indeed what I as the patient should do to ensure a speedy recovery.
I am very pleased to say that 3 weeks after my procedure, post operative assessment indicates good progress. I am already experiencing more normal urinary flow and increased comfort.

The bottom line! Like most men, I was apprehensive of surgery in such a personal and sensitive area. Prostatic Hypertension does interfere with the quality of life of some men. If you are a sufferer, I would very strongly recommend consultation with Mr Neil Barber and Urology Partners.

A final word. Jeanette Sindle is the secretary to Mr Neil Barber.  Jeanette managed each of the appointments and documentation in the most professional manner for which I am very grateful. Having travelled 240 miles to appointments I was accommodated early and allowed to make my return home in good time

Name: Mr T, Surrey

Before the operation on my prostate was performed with laser by Mr Neil Barber I suffered the following problems; weak urinary flow, urinary spray, sudden and uncontrollable urges to urinate and bedwetting.

All of these problems have disappeared since. Moreover, Mr Barber and his hospital team provided wonderful support from initial consultation, during the one-night hospital stay to full recovery. Throughout this period there is a number to ring should you have any concerns whatsoever.

I am extremely satisfied with the outcome.

Name: Mr R, Hampshire

By the time I saw Richard Hindley at The Hampshire Clinic in March 2018, I was already 3 years down the road with an enlarged prostate.

The Dr’s surgery that I had been with for so many years dismissed my problems as medication related and I believed them.. they were Doctors afterall. When I visited a new doctor, I raised my concerns as we were due to go on a Norwegian cruise, with the possibility of bunk beds…no joke.

Fortunately my new doctor examined me and said quite bluntly “enlarged prostate”.

I had remembered reading about Rezum treatment in the Mail on Sunday 6 months previously and thinking at the time that I needs be I would have this treatment because of the fact that it was uninvasive and seemed a straightforward procedure with a very near 100% success rate. My doctor had not heard of the treatment but referred me, and within a week I was talking to Mr Hindley and finalising the date of treatment the following week. Quick work everybody!

Name: Mr H, Hampshire

I had symptoms for enlarged prostate going back 4 or 5 years and more recently it had become a nuisance.

Part of my thoughts in putting it off was the chance that a totally risk free procedure may be introduced. I was lucky enough that my niece worked in this area and was great in reassuring me that I would not regret getting the job done. I was guided to the Urology Partners website and the various links that gave good coverage and helped me choose the procedure I felt comfortable with.

Within 3 or 4 weeks everything had settled down and within 8 weeks I was clear of any worry about possible side effects. My care included a couple of follow up checks with all my questions answered by Mr Barber.

I would recommend Mr Barber's team without hesitation.

Name: Mr G, Surrey

Having suffered the effects of BPH (mainly poor flow) for many years and been on medication for about eight years, I was worried that symptoms were slowly increasing in severity. I was also eager to eliminate the need for the medication.  Following some Internet research, I asked my GP to refer me to Mr Barber.

Following first consultation, I had some tests and then a further meeting to discuss possible treatments; I opted for green light XPS laser prostatectomy. After the procedure, there was some pain when urinating, partially controlled by paracetamol, for about a week or two followed by several weeks to full recover.

I was very pleased and impressed with the treatment I received from Mr Barber and his support team at Clare Park Hospital. The ward staff were also extremely attentive and helpful during my overnight stay, and were happy to answer a couple of telephone queries after I returned home.
The outcome of the procedure is amazing.  My flow is so good and no medication is now required.  I am very grateful to all who helped achieve this.

The whole of my treatment was carried out efficiently, effectively and with considerable care.  

Name: Mr B, Kent

I recently required an effective and painless procedure to overcome my stop and start flow of urine, combined with a dwindling amount of delivery.  I had read a write up of a new procedure outlined in a national paper which seemed to offer all the benefits that I was looking for plus I could go home the same day of the operation.

I made contact with Urology Partners at the Spire Clare Park hospital and spoke with Jeanette Sindle, who easily and competently, guided me through the necessary arrangements for me to visit Mr Barber to see if I was an acceptable candidate for this op.
After my first appointment with the very affable Mr Barber, who very soon put me at my ease whilst talking about not the easiest subject in the world, I was taken through the procedure step by step, and advised of the benefits that I could look forward to.  This procedure was deemed suitable for "my condition" and after various simple tests were carried out on the first initial appointment, within a very short time I arrived at the hospital for my procedure.

On the morning of the procedure Mr Barber came to visit me and reassure me about the operation.  Soon after that I found myself waking up in post op!  Everybody around me was very helpful and the nursing staff were always on hand to offer assistance to get me back on my feet in my own time. 

Very soon I felt more than happy with my condition and with another visit by Mr Barber to make sure he was happy with the outcome of the procedure, he shook my hand and wished me a safe journey back home.My recovery was very swift and painless and within 2 to 3 days I had a full recovery with a good flowrate and none of that stopping and starting, all in all a very satisfactory outcome!

Name: Mr D, Guildford

After enduring years of incontinence and inconvenience I decided to have surgery on my Prostate Gland. My local hospital suggested a T.U.R.P operation but I was anxious about the loss of blood with this procedure and so  went online to see if an alternative was available.
I discovered that several options were available but was impressed, as far as a layman can be, by Green Light laser surgery with its attendant advantage of minimising blood loss. I was perhaps assuming too much by thinking Green Light plus Red blood equals a black surface which is capable of heating rapidly and being destroyed or cauterised but under control of a qualified surgeon this appears to be what happens.

Next step was to find such a Surgeon. Luckily I live in Guildford, close by to The Spire and Frimley Park Hospitals where Mr N. Barber under his Group Urology Partners offer such treatment. There was an initial pre operation consultation, examination and full explanation of the procedure, all very laid back and reassuring followed by the operation a few weeks later.

I attended the hospital a day before the operation and was made welcome and assured by Mr Barber. My prostate was very enlarged and was told that the procedure might take an hour or more, but not to worry as this was not unusual. I awoke about 3 hours after my pre op injection, drowsy but with no discomfort despite having a catheter for the first 24 hours. Mr Barber visited me on the Ward early on the Sunday morning gowned up for another operation but willing to answer any questions I had. Needless to say I was very comfortable and reassured. Later that day I was able to go home.

The post operation period went much better than anticipated and now 18 months later I am still without pain but more to the point I can now  urinate as a young man. I can hold on when required and visit a toilet at my convenience, excuse the pun. 

I would recommend to anyone with a prostate problem to contact Urology Partners to discuss the matter without fear or hesitation.

Name: Mr H, Bournemouth

Dear Mr Hindley
Just a note to thank you for the successful outcome. I am in no doubt that your considerable expertise ensured a good result and that HIFU was, by far, the best procedure for me. You have made it possible for me to have many years of life, without "complications".

Really well looked after

Condition: BPH
Treatment: Greenlight Laser PVP
Name: Mr J

Dear Neil
I first came to see you in late January and then had a Green Laser Light procedure at Frimley Park Hospital. 
The results have been flow is now such that I feel confident I could put out forest fires!....In addition I am not up constantly at night visiting the loo! Sometimes I sleep straight through which is quite glorious. Please do thank all the staff concerned who were both involved in my operation AND my pre and after care. I was REALLY well looked after.
Thanks again for everything.  

Greenlight Laser has been an outstanding success

Condition: BPH
Treatment: Greenlight Laser PVP
Name: Mr S

I found Richard (Mr Hindley) to be very efficient and at the same time friendly and willing to take as much time as I needed, so I fully understood what the problem was, and what the procedure and aftercare would entail. The whole team were equally as professional and friendly and the facilities were first class. The Green Light laser treatment has been an outstanding success for me.

Name: Mr B

I write to thank you for your care and attention over my prostate investigation and for your detailed explanation at our meetings of each aspect. You put me at all times fully in the picture, so that I understood what was about to happen and the reasons for each move. We were of course delighted about the outcome but initially a bit stunned, as we were prepared for a talk of operations and treatment – but much better to be positively surprised than the other way round.

I am also very grateful for the kind and considerate care of Anita, of the anaesthesia team and the nurses. It made a potentially worrying time much easier.

So many thanks to everyone