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Daily Mail features Aquablation and NICE guidance for standard procedure guidelines on the NHS

04 Nov 2023

Neil Barber and his patient feature in The Daily Mail article on Aquablation therapy for treating Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia.


Men can enjoy life again with a new robotic treatment for BPH

18 Oct 2023

Health Awareness covers the development of Aquablation therapy for BPH featuring comments from Neil Barber and a patient story.


Safety of Aquablation for patients using blood thinnners

10 Oct 2023

Neil Barber is co- author of new publication confirming safety of Aquablation of the prostate in those men who are taking blood thinners - this means that even more men can seek treatment with this image guided, heat free, robotic assisted procedure.


NICE approve Aquablation as a standard procedure across the NHS to treat BPH

14 Sep 2023

We are delighted that NICE has now published it's guidance made on evidence based recommendations that Aquablation should be offered on the NHS as a standard procedure for BPH. The minimally invasive procedure has proven efficacy in the reduction of lower urinary tract symptoms and preservation of sexual function, including ejaculatory function. For many men, this is a key decision maker factor and enables men to make a rapid recovery and return to normal activity.

After some 10 years of involvement in the development of Aquablation of the prostate using the Aquabeam with Procept Biorobotics and 8 years since treating the first patients in the UK and now many hundreds of patients treated, Neil Barber welcomes the news of formal approval for this novel, image guided, heat free surgical treatment for men suffering with prostate related waterworks symptoms


Getting it right first time (GIRFT) and rethinking the treatments for BPH

10 Mar 2023

As the NHS continues to work on "Getting it right first time" (GIRFT), Richard Hindley and his colleagues from the GIRFT academy, share insights onto the pathway for treating men with BPH and the portfolio of minimally invasive options now available 


New robot prostate surgery could spell relief for thousands of men

04 Mar 2023

While the European Assoication of Urology (EAU) kicks off it's annual conference in Milan, which features semi live demonstrations of Aquablation, The Daily Express features the procedure and it's impact on NHS backlogs. Neil Barber will be presenting at EAU to share his experience of Aquablation and the trials he is involved in for this exciting new surgery which has results showing excellent efficacy and significantly minimal side affects.


Joining global communities to share Urology expertise

11 Nov 2022
In our latest Blog post, Ahmed Ali and Amr Emara share news on their recent trip to the International Emirates Urological Conference where they shared their experiences on their role in enabling patients to have access to new and innovative treatments for both bladder and prostate conditions. Read the full blog post here


Studies are showing benefits of bladder preservation based approach

10 Nov 2022
Whilst Urological cancers in both the prostate and kidney are highlighted more in media coverage, bladder cancer continues to require considerable more awarenss campaigns. As calls come for a National Bladder Cancer Audit, Ahmed Ali discusses the bladder preservation techniques he employs when treating patients in thie article


Why are urinary tract infections more common in women?

27 Oct 2022

In this podcast, Ahmed Ali discusses the causes and symptoms of UTI's and why women suffer more with them.


Aquablation extends to Hampshire

05 Jul 2022

Following the successful introduction of Aquablation to Frimley Park Hospital with Neil Barber, Richard Hindley has started trialling the minimally invasive BPH treatment at Hampshire Hospitals. BBC South Today covered the first procedures to discover the impact this could have on burdening NHS waiting lists.

We are delighted to be able to add this procedure to our portfolio of minimally invasive BPH treatments. Neil Barber offers this procedure privately at The London Clinic and Parkside Hospitals. Richard Hindley will be offering this treatment at The Hampshire Clinic - consultations are available with Richard until the procedure can be confirmed here.