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Finding out more... Prostate Cancer Diagnosis Pathway

24 Oct 2017

If you've just seen your consultant Urologist and been recommended to have a mpMRI scan for possible prostate cancer, chances are you're feeling worried, concerned and also have a heap of questions running through your mind.

The good news is that having an mpMRI scan is a massive step forward to providing accurate diagnosis and ensuring that whatever the outcome, the most essential treatment that is necessary can be chosen by you and your consultant. You can read more about the pathway for diagnosing prostate cancer on our blog here.

Richard Hindley worked closely on the PROMIS trial with Hash Ahmed at UCL Hospital and bought a number of patients to the trial. The results have been a significant step forward for Men's health and allowing greater precision in treating prostate cancer and importantly, reducing the chance of over or under treating patients.

Prostate Cancer UK have created some really informative videos on the prostate cancer pathway and how the use of mpMRI scanning is positive news for both patients and healthcare providers alike.

PROMIS trial - changing the future for prostate cancer diagnosis

PROMIS trial - using mpMRI as triage for TRUS biopsy

PROMIS trial - what it looked at and the results