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Answering the questions on MRI scanning for Prostate Cancer Diagnosis

20 Mar 2018

Prostate Cancer awareness has seen a massive spike since the news of it being a bigger killer than breast cancer earlier this year.

Whilst this is a daunting prospect for men's health, the good news is that the way in which we diagnose prostate cancer is being addressed. The New England Journal of Medicine has published the results of the PRECISION Study which compared the use of MRI scanning compared to the current standard of care.

Having had patients involved in the PRECISION study and the North Hampshire Hospital in Basingstoke being one of the highest recruiters to the trials, Richard Hindley has been using MRI scanning in his prostate cancer diagnostic pathway for a few years now. 

For our patients, knowing that they are following the most suitable pathway for them is vital. These video's below provide some succinct answers to what the results of the PRECISION trials mean and how the future for prostate cancer diagnosis can change.