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Urology Partners at #AUA18

16 May 2018

It's time to go stateside as the American Urological Association hold their annual conference in San Francisco this week, 18-21 May.

Neil Barber and Richard Hindley will be joining the conference to present in a number of areas relating to the evolving of new treatments for BPH and how we can offer our patients a much wider choice of options for treatment. BPH for men is not a "one fits all" problem and these new treatments enable men to make a choice on what suits their symptoms, diagnosis and their lifestyle.

Sunday 20 May
Neil Barber will be presenting data from the WATER study, particularly looking at the advantages of aquablation over TURP in terms of risk to sexual function.
Aquablation has no effect upon erections and using the technique which Neil has helped develop the rate of dry ejaculation is 7% - similar to that which Rezum has shown.

Neil will also be running a teaching programme on Aquablation during the day for PROCEPT BioRobotics