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mpMRI for Prostate Cancer diagnosis in Hampshire

15 Feb 2017

Following the news of the PROMIS trials results and the positive data for mpMRI becoming part of the pathway for Prostate Cancer diagnosis, Hampshire Hospitals are able to offer this diagnostic to NHS patients. Richard Hindley was involved in the trial and patients from Hampshire were part of the study. Urology Partners have used mpMRI for diagnosis for a number of years and are delighted to see it move forward under the NHS.


PROMIS Results Full Report

20 Jan 2017
Read the full report of the PROMIS trials which Richard Hindley.. was part of and bought in 160 patients from Hampshire and Surrey through North Hampshire Hospital


Genetic test tells patient if prostate cancer is likely to spread

10 Jan 2017

New research has discovered a genetic link to whether localised prostate cancer will advance and spread. If developed, this could allow far more personalised and specific treatment for patients with prostate cancer and knowing how they might respond to treatment.