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Imaging scientist treated with HIFU using his own technology

27 Jun 2017

HIFU hits the press as the scientist behind medical imaging undergoes treatment for prostate cancer using the very technology he developed.

As part of the PROMIS trial Richard Hindley is quoted in the article discussing the future for prostate cancer diagnosis and treatment benefits from new technology for more precise results.


North Hampshire Hospital Pioneers HIFU treatment

27 Jun 2017
Richard Hindley discusses the benefits of HIFU and how North Hampshire Hospital have invested in the technology with the help of the Pelican Cancer Foundation and the North Hants Medical Fund. 

Being at the forefront of technology and getting involved in the PROMIS trial has allowed Richard Hindley to offer his patients a greater choice of treatment for prostate cancer and the chance to make their own patient choices to suit their lifestyle.


Bringing you the latest news in BPH treatments

07 Jun 2017
Urology Partners have always been at the forefront of new and emerging technologies which offer patients minimally invasive treatments to aid symptoms of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH).

We currently offer Greenlight Laser and Urolift as the latest treatments for BPH. Our consultants have been part of trials for these treatments and have brought a significant number of patients to take part in these trials. Whilst Greenlight is now approved by NICE and Urolift continues in its pathway for NICE approval, the results from the ongoing trials of these treatments are proving successful.


Urologists in Trials Boost

01 Jun 2017

Coverage in the Basingstoke Gazette of the HIFU trials taking place at North Hampshire hospital led by Richard Hindley. The story also includes comments from a HIFU patient of Richard Hindley and his delight at the procedure outcomes for his prostate cancer


Basingstoke Observer reports on HIFU treatment at NHH

23 May 2017

Recent coverage from the Basingstoke Observer on HIFU treatment available at NHH.

Richard Hindley and the team at North Hampshire Hospital are investing a lot of time and skills into offering the latest treatments in Urology for patients. The results coming in are promising and continue to prove that HIFU is a treatment worth investing in and offers patients further choice on treatment options for prostate cancer.


EAU TV 2017

04 Apr 2017


Greenlight proves to be cost effective as treatment for BPH

22 Mar 2017

Neil Barber was part of the team behind this study which proves GreenLight XPS provides equivalent clinical outcomes with fewer adverse events and shorter recovery time in a more cost-effective manner compared with TURP as treatment for BPH.


Why Urology? Why Spire Clare Park?

15 Mar 2017


How the latest prostate cancer research might affect you

08 Mar 2017
January 2017 saw the results of the PROMIS trial and the evidence confirmed that the use of a Multi Parametric MRI (mpMRI) scan provides a more accurate diagnosis for men before any biopsy has to be considered.

This is great news for patients as currently in many hospitals the gold standard is to go straight to Trans Rectal ultrasound guided biopsy (TRUS) which are very hit and miss.  As a result, in these hospitals many men without cancer undergo unnecessary biopsies, and some men are over diagnosed with prostate cancer which is actually clinically unimportant. Furthermore the study showed that half of all clinically important cancers (those which need treatment to stop the cancer growing) are missed with the TRUS biopsy method.

In addition there are potential side effects, including pain, bleeding and infection.

The results of the trial show that one quarter of men may not need to undergo unnecessary prostate biopsy if they undergo an MRI. MRI also detects 93% of important cancers (compared with 48% for TRUS prostate biopsies).

It is important for patients to know that with the prostate gland, cancer can be detected but it doesn’t always mean radical treatment is necessary. Clinically insignificant cancer can be present but is unlikely to cause any problems during a man’s lifetime.


Urolift Benefits for Patients

15 Feb 2017