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Travelling miles for Urolift

11 Oct 2017
This patient, living in Cornwall, travelled to Surrey to see Neil Barber and have the Urolift procedure.


Don't let treating an enlarged prostate ruin your sex life

20 Sep 2017

Read Richard Hindley's latest blog  written for Doctify on a new treatment for BPH called Rezum.

Richard offers this treatment privately at BMI The Hampshire Clinic and The Candover Clinic at North Hampshire Hospital.

 To make an appointment with Richard, visit our contact page


Richard Hindley brings Rezum treatment to the UK in Hampshire and Surrey

25 Jul 2017

Richard Hindley carried out his first Rezum treatment for BPH back in March and now following 3 month results, one patient tells his story to The Daily Mail.

Richard has now carried out 20 cases both on the NHS at North Hampshire Hospital and privately at BMI The Hampshire Clinic.
In addition, Neil Barber has carried out the procedure from their London practice at Nuada, 19 Harley Street.

The new minimally invasive treatment for BPH is so far showing good 3 month results. The procedure is already FDA approved in the US and they are treating around 1,000 patients a month with this procedure.

The advantages of a short time in hospital, allowing for a speedy recovery and back to normal routines make it an exciting new option for patients and hospitals alike. 

You can also read more on our treatments section

Our four consultants at Urology Partners are all able to offer this treatment privately. 


Prostate Health News

24 Jul 2017
As Head of Urology at Hampshire Hospitals, Richard Hindley presented an update on Prostate Health news at the recent AGM.
Hampshire Hospitals has been actively involved in supporting Richard with bringing new treatments to patients, including the recent introduction of Rezum, for treating BPH.

You can watch Richard's presentation here as he discusses the treatments available to patients and why he is so passionate at being involved in research to ensure patients are getting the most suitable treatment in an area which affects all men as they get older.


Hampshire Hospitals lead the way with Rezum for BPH

19 Jul 2017

Richard Hindley heads the Urology team at Hampshire Hospitals and they have been leading the way with a new treatment for BPH.

The Rezum procedure was first carried out at North Hampshire Hospital back in March and the results are looking promising. Read more on Hampshire Hospitals website including comments direct from one patient.

The story was also covered by the Basingstoke Observer and can be read here

Further patient testimonials for this new procedure can also be found on our Patient Storiespage. 

The procedure is also available privately at BMI The Hampshire Clinic with Richard Hindley and Timothy Nedas. For more details on the procedure, please read our treatments section


Imaging scientist treated with HIFU using his own technology

27 Jun 2017

HIFU hits the press as the scientist behind medical imaging undergoes treatment for prostate cancer using the very technology he developed.

As part of the PROMIS trial Richard Hindley is quoted in the article discussing the future for prostate cancer diagnosis and treatment benefits from new technology for more precise results.


North Hampshire Hospital Pioneers HIFU treatment

27 Jun 2017
Richard Hindley discusses the benefits of HIFU and how North Hampshire Hospital have invested in the technology with the help of the Pelican Cancer Foundation and the North Hants Medical Fund. 

Being at the forefront of technology and getting involved in the PROMIS trial has allowed Richard Hindley to offer his patients a greater choice of treatment for prostate cancer and the chance to make their own patient choices to suit their lifestyle.


Bringing you the latest news in BPH treatments

07 Jun 2017
Urology Partners have always been at the forefront of new and emerging technologies which offer patients minimally invasive treatments to aid symptoms of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH).

We currently offer Greenlight Laser and Urolift as the latest treatments for BPH. Our consultants have been part of trials for these treatments and have brought a significant number of patients to take part in these trials. Whilst Greenlight is now approved by NICE and Urolift continues in its pathway for NICE approval, the results from the ongoing trials of these treatments are proving successful.


Urologists in Trials Boost

01 Jun 2017

Coverage in the Basingstoke Gazette of the HIFU trials taking place at North Hampshire hospital led by Richard Hindley. The story also includes comments from a HIFU patient of Richard Hindley and his delight at the procedure outcomes for his prostate cancer


Basingstoke Observer reports on HIFU treatment at NHH

23 May 2017

Recent coverage from the Basingstoke Observer on HIFU treatment available at NHH.

Richard Hindley and the team at North Hampshire Hospital are investing a lot of time and skills into offering the latest treatments in Urology for patients. The results coming in are promising and continue to prove that HIFU is a treatment worth investing in and offers patients further choice on treatment options for prostate cancer.