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Focal Therapy Studies prove 8 year efficacy compared to prostatectomy

28 Jan 2021

Richard Hindley and Amr Emara were part of the studies team in this research to look at the longer term efficacy of prostate cancer treatments. Being able to advise our patients on the choices of treatments and how the side affects can vary, allows our patients to make an informed decision in relation to their diagnosis and lifestyle.


Treatments for BPH GP Webinar

05 Nov 2020

HCA Princess Grace Hospital are hosting a webinar for GP's where Richard Hindley will be updating you on the latest developments in BPH treatments including Rezum, UroLift and PAE


Urology Update - LUTS, overactive bladders and bladder cancer

04 Nov 2020

As part of Movember month, Andrew Chetwood, Muddassar Hussain and Ahmed Ali will be speaking at this BMI virtual event to highlight the latest news for Urology and Men's Health. Topics covered include symptoms and treatments for LUTS and BPH, the overactive bladder and bladder cancer.


Fusion guided targeted biopsies proven to be most accurate approach for prostate cancer detection compared to non targeted methods

06 Jul 2020

Neil Barber, Simon Bott and Richard Hindley were all involed in this latest study published in the European Urology Oncology Journal. At Urology Partners, we only use targeted biopsies for diagnosing prostate cancer to get the most accurate diagsnosis for our patients. As well as detecting prostate cancer, the fusion targted approach enables us to differentiate between clinically significant and non significant cancers to enable patients to get the best treatment possible and avoid over diagnosis and unnecessary concern for patients.


NICE publish medical technologies guidance for Rezum

24 Jun 2020

Following further studies for Rezum treatment for BPH with the Rezum II Study, NICE have published the next steps in their medical technologies guidance on the use of Rezum and it's impact on the NHS. Key points from this report highlight the durability and cost benefits associated with Rezum implementation and include:

  1. Rezum should be used for men with moderate to severe LUTS with an estimated prostate volume of 30 cm3to 80 cm3
  2. Quality of life is an important outcome when considering patient benefit
  3. The rate of surgical reintervention is low with Rezum
  4. Rezum is a day surgery procedure that can be done under local anaesthetic with sedation but it may not be suitable for everyone
  5. Carrying out Rezum as day surgery is the main driver for cost savings
  6. Rezum is cost saving when compared to standard treatments such as TURP and HoLEP.

Professor Richard Hindley has been instrumental in the collation of data from his Rezum patients and engaging with NICE as an expert adviser. Having now performed over 600 Rezum cases, we continue to audit our patients and collect data to support the efficacy of this treatment as an option for our patients with BPH.


Patients having Urology procedures during the COVID pandemic remain symptom free

18 May 2020

As our team of Urologists try to balance the COVID pandemic with keeping patients treated and safe, the results from Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust provide an insight into what we may be able to achieve whilst complying with all guidelines and processes to keep both patients and medical staff safe.

The results, published in BJU International, indicate that delivering urgent urological surgery during the COVID-19 pandemic appears to be safe with minimal complications post operatively and importantly with no evidence of hospital acquired COVID-19 infections.


Aquablation - 3 year outcomes of WATER trial prove efficacy and durability similar to TURP

26 Feb 2020

Neil Barber has been leading the trials in the UK for Aquablation thereapy for treating BPH. Many patients from the trials came through Frimley Park Hospital with Neil and we are delighted to share the latest results which are proving that this new treatment option is showing results for efficacy and durability similar to TURP - the previous Gold Standard.  


BPH - Putting the patient first

20 Feb 2020

As BPH treatments have evolved and now enable patients to make their own choice on the procedure which suits them best, this online conference covers the options available to surgeons and their patients. This includes live surgery and a presentation from Richard Hindley on how new therapies provide different patient benefits.


Improving the accuracy of Prostate Cancer diagnosis with fusion biopsies

20 Aug 2019

Coverage from Surrey Live on the latest technique Simon Bott is using for Prostate Cancer diagnosis. 
There has been a huge awareness campaign on using MRI scanning for the prostate cancer diagnosis pathway. This article covers the next steps of combining the MRI scan during the biopsy procedure - fusing the image to allow accurate guidance when taking the biopsy. 


Aquablation treatment for BPH proving as good results as TURP

18 Jul 2019

The Daily Mail reports on Aquablation treatment for BPH and the trials results which have shown efficacy is as good as TURP with the additional advantage of reduced risk on sexual function. Neil Barber led this trial in the UK and recruited patients to the trial at Frimley Health. The treatment received NICE approval in 2018 and Neil is able to offer this treatment to patients privately at The Parkside Suite and 25 Harley Street, London.