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Breaking News - Rezum approval from NICE due this week

20 Aug 2018

As we wait for NICE to approve Rezum for BPH treatment as a new technology procedure for the NHS this week, The Daily Mail pushes the story to the front page on how this new procedure can benefit both the NHS and patients. Professor Richard Hindley has pioneered this treatment in the UK, having completed the first procedure back in March 2017 and continued to offer it to both NHS and private patients. As well as carrying out over 100 procedures in the last 18 months, Richard has led Masterclass sessions for urology surgeons across the UK to understand this new steam treatment for BPH. 


Urology Dept at Hampshire Hospital receives #NHS70 Award nomination

18 May 2018

Richard Hindley's work on leading developments in Urology have been recognised by local MP Maria Miller. Today his department at Basingstoke Hospital have received a nomination for the #NHS70 Parliamentary Awards in the category of Future NHS. 

This recognises the work done to develop BPH treatments with Richard being the first consultant to use Rezum in the UK in March 2017. He has continued to develop this procedure offering masterclass sessions at the hospital for other surgeons to learn how they can offer this treatment in their NHS hospital.

In addition, Richard was also involved in the PRECISION trials which looked at the use of MRI diagnostics for prostate cancer, a method Richard has used for over 5 years now in his private practice and is being offered at Basingstoke NHS hospital too.


Urology Partners at #AUA18

16 May 2018
It's time to go stateside as the American Urological Association hold their annual conference in San Francisco this week, 18-21 May.

Neil Barber and Richard Hindley will be joining the conference to present in a number of areas relating to the evolving of new treatments for BPH and how we can offer our patients a much wider choice of options for treatment. BPH for men is not a "one fits all" problem and these new treatments enable men to make a choice on what suits their symptoms, diagnosis and their lifestyle.

Sunday 20 May
Neil Barber will be presenting data from the WATER study, particularly looking at the advantages of aquablation over TURP in terms of risk to sexual function.
Aquablation has no effect upon erections and using the technique which Neil has helped develop the rate of dry ejaculation is 7% - similar to that which Rezum has shown.

Neil will also be running a teaching programme on Aquablation during the day for PROCEPT BioRobotics


Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms - Time for a New Conversation

25 Apr 2018
Neil Barber goes through all the available treatment options for LUTs in the latest newsletter for the Independent Doctor's Federation (IDF). LUTs and BPH are common in men aged over 50 and this article addresses the choices patients may have and how we've moved on from continual medication to minimally invasive surgery for longer lasting results.


Answering the questions on MRI scanning for Prostate Cancer Diagnosis

20 Mar 2018
Prostate Cancer awareness has seen a massive spike since the news of it being a bigger killer than breast cancer earlier this year.

Whilst this is a daunting prospect for men's health, the good news is that the way in which we diagnose prostate cancer is being addressed. The New England Journal of Medicine has published the results of the PRECISION Study which compared the use of MRI scanning compared to the current standard of care.

Having had patients involved in the PRECISION study and the North Hampshire Hospital in Basingstoke being one of the highest recruiters to the trials, Richard Hindley has been using MRI scanning in his prostate cancer diagnostic pathway for a few years now. 

For our patients, knowing that they are following the most suitable pathway for them is vital. These video's below provide some succinct answers to what the results of the PRECISION trials mean and how the future for prostate cancer diagnosis can change.


Patients from Basingstoke contribute to the PRECISION Study for Prostate Cancer Diagnosis

15 Mar 2018

Great steps forward this week as the results of the PRECISION Study were published in the New England Journal of Medicine. The PRECISION Study has looked at mpMRI vs TRUS biopsy for prostate cancer diagnosis.

Urology Partners have been using mpMRI scanning as part of our prostate cancer diagnosis for five years and it was a privilege to work with colleagues on this study and get the results which will change the pathway for prostate cancer diagnosis.

Richard Hindley commented "I am so proud that Basingstoke has been able to contribute to such an International collaboration - the results published in the New England Journal of Medicine have confirmed that a targeted biopsy approach, using mpMRI scanning, in prostate cancer detection leads to better results."

"The ideal test for prostate cancer would be minimally invasive, have few side effects, identify a high proportion of men who would benefit from treatment and minimize the identification of men with clinically insignificant cancer in order to prevent overtreatment".
"PRECISION has demonstrated this and furthermore, nearly 1/3 of men will avoid unnecessary biopsy.” 

Read the full article in the NEJM here


Urology Partners win Private Healthcare Award for Innovation and Patient Care

08 Mar 2018

We are delighted and proud to announce that we have been awarded 2 awards in the Global Health and Pharma Private Healthcare Awards 2018.

Urology Partners have been awarded Most Innovative Private Urology Practice - Excellence Award for Urology Patient Care 2018

This follows a year of great progress for the Prostate Cancer diagnosis pathway with the PROMIS trials results which our consultants were involved in and recruited patients to the study. 
In addition Richard Hindley and Neil Barber have been leading the way with new treatments for BPH with the arrival of Rezum and the continuing trials for Aquablation.

We look forward to another year of continuing progress enabling us to ensure our patients have the opportunity to choose the best treatment to suit them and the care and experience our team provide.


Next Steps for Aquablation

09 Jan 2018
Christmas brought good news for Aquablation as the FDA approved a De Novo request for the AquaBeam system. Neil Barber has been part of the Open WATER trial here in the UK in this game changing treatment for BPH.


Urolift success in the NHS

14 Dec 2017
As the popularity of the Urolift procedure sees it being increasingly used to treat BPH symptoms across the NHS, BBC Radio Hereford & Worcester report on the use in it's local hospital. As the leading surgeon for Urolift in the UK, Neil Barber talked to the breakfast show about the impact on patients and the success of the procedure.


Aquablation - a patient and surgeon view

30 Nov 2017

Aquablation is new emerging technology for treating Lower Urinary Tract symptoms associated with BPH. Neil Barber hs been trialling this new minimally invasive procedure and The Daily Mail brings the story from the patient view on what was a problematic chain of events and symptoms which have been treated successfully, enabling the patient to resume his normal life within 3 days.