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5-year data sustain long-term effectiveness of Aquablation vs TURP in BPH

05 Jul 2022

Read the latest study for Aquablation therapy for BPH and it's efficacy compared to the traditional TURP. Neil Barber had a number of patients involved in this trial through Frimley Health Foundation Trust. 


ReIMAGINE Prostate Cancer Risk Study

20 Apr 2022

Examining the prostate cancer diagnostic pathway and the risk analysis. As we move to a novel MRI and targeted biopsy approach for diagnostics, this ReIMAGINE study asseses the risks involved in a new diagnostic approach and the need to adjust risk pathways to adapt to these new techniques.


Real world outcomes for Study into Rezum treatment for BPH

12 Apr 2022

The latest study into the efficacy of Rezum treatment has produced real world outcomes with regards to retreatment and significant improvement in symptoms while preserving sexual function. Richard Hindley and Amr Emara worked together on this study alongside additional co-authors. 


Robotic Assisted Surgery for Kidney Cancer - your questions answered

01 Feb 2022

Kidney Cancer UK produced this video to answer all your questions on robotic assisted kidney surgery. With Frimley Health Foundation Trust being a renal cancer centre, Neil Barber works closely with the charity on getting information out to patients on kidney cancer and the continuing research and development for robotic surgery. 




European School of Urology Webinar

25 Jan 2022

Tonight, Neil Barber is presenting on mininally invaise surgery options for treating male LUTs. 

Join tonight and gain CME credits.


SpaceOar treatment for Prostate Cancer patients

10 Dec 2021

Read the latest review of using SpaceOar for patients prior to their prostate cancer treatment. Both Simon Bott and Richard Hindley are able to carry out this procedure for patients before their cancer treatment.


Encourage Men to seek help for their Urological problems

30 Nov 2021

This article featured in The Guardian on 30 November 2021. The awareness of prostate cancer is getting better for men, but the majority of prostate issues are NOT cancerous. Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia/Enlargement affects many men over 50 and knowing the symptoms and treatments available can really enable men to get treated and return to their normal lifestyle.


Sky News coverage of robotic kidney surgery

16 Nov 2021

Sky News covered this story on how technology can can ease the burden for the NHS. Muddassar Hussain talks through using robotic kidney suegery to save this patient's kidney using the latest Versius and De Vinci robot at Frimley Health Foundation Trust.


Review of the latest Minimally Invasive Procedures for treating BPH

09 Aug 2021
Over the past 6 years, the treatment options for men suffering with Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) has grown with a number of minimally invasive surgical treatment (MISTs) becoming available. Patients can now be offered more than one option, thus allowing lifestyle factors to be included in their decision making alongside their physical symptoms. This article summarises the treatments available, backed up with medical studies results, to show a comparison for patients and medical practitioners. Read the article here Review of BPH Surgery August 2021_1


Finding new treatment options for bladder cancer

30 Mar 2021

Having an awareness of symptoms of bladder cancer can make a huge difference to early diagnosis and the type of treatments available to patients. There are other options to consider before going straight to removal of the bladder and these new developments continue to show worthwhile results. Read more from Ahmed Ali in this article featured in The Guardian health supplement.