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Urology Partners is dedicated to providing all our patients with expert advice and the very highest quality of clinical care. We treat the whole range of urological conditions and employ the latest proven techniques using the most up-to-date technology to provide timely and low-risk care for our patients.

Our focus on minimally invasive procedures means short hospital stays and rapid return to normal activity.

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mpMRI for Prostate Cancer diagnosis in Hampshire

Following the news of the PROMIS trials results and the positive data for mpMRI becoming part of the pathway for Prostate Cancer diagnosis, ...

PROMIS Results Full Report

Read the full report of the PROMIS trials which Richard Hindley.. was part of and bought in 160 patients from Hampshire and Surrey through N...

Genetic test tells patient if prostate cancer is likely to spread

New research has discovered a genetic link to whether localised prostate cancer will advance and spread. If developed, this could allow far ...

"Truly transformative" developments in focal treatment

New developments in focal treatment for prostate cancer are being highlighted today as results of a trial indicate not only good results for...

How Urolift is transforming patient's lives

Neil Barber's patient tells his story of success with Urolift. Having suffered for years with Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH), Bob Jesse ...

Raising funds for new medical equipment

Tim Nedas will be cycling to raise money for the North Hampshire Medical Fund on 9 October. Join in and you could benefit in the future as N...

Making sure you get the correct treatment for Prostate Cancer

Deciding on the most suitable prostate cancer treatment can be a big decision for the patient. The word cancer is scary enough but with pros...

HIFU treatment at Basingstoke

Breeze FM reports on the new equipment for Focal HIFU for prostate cancer which was funded by the North Hampshire Medical Fundhttp://www.the...

Urolift and the NHS

Neotract have released their new video featuring Neil Barber at Frimley Park Hospital presenting the benefits of Urolift to the NHSWatch the...

HIFU hits the news

Richard Hindley's patient tells his story of HIFU treatment for prostate cancer in the Daily Mail today. He was the first patient to have th...

Recent Testimonials

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It has honestly changed my life

Mr M, Basingstoke

  • Condition: BPH
  • Treatment/Procedure: Greenlight XPS Laser Prostatectomy

I just want to express my thanks to Mr Richard Hindley and his team, especially Anita, for the treatment and care I received at the Hampshire Clinic.

Mr Hindley performed my greenlight laser prostatectomy in early March and now 6 months on...

Nothing but the highest praise for Neil Barber and his team

Mr L,

  • Condition: BPH
  • Treatment/Procedure: Greenlight XPS Laser Treatment

I should like to express my thanks to Neil Barber and his team for the green light laser procedure carried out in June at Weymouth Street Hospital.

Having suffered from the symptoms of BPH for the last 8-10 years I finally had to attend th...

Within a week I was off my BPH tablets

Mr R, Lincolnshire

  • Condition: BPH
  • Treatment/Procedure: Urolift

I recently had a follow up appointment with Mr Barber having had the Urolift procedure and I would like to say how satisfied I am with the whole procedure.

The pre op procedures and tests were thorough and given that I had never  been in h...

Greenlight has given me my life back

Mr R,

  • Condition: BPH
  • Treatment/Procedure: Greenlight XPS Laser Prostatectomy

I would like to offer this recommendation for Neil Barber's Green Light Laser Surgery. I am a 71-year-old male that had a very enlarged prostate of 170m grams. I went into the Weymouth Street Hospital on a Friday afternoon,  had my operatio...

A flow with 100% improvement!

Mr L, Surrey

  • Condition: Prostatitis
  • Treatment/Procedure: Urolift

I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you for your care and consideration regarding the Urolift procedure that you performed on me in February 2015.As you may remember I was referred to your good self with chronic prostatitis,...

I would strongly recommend a consultation with Urology Partners

Mr G, Lincolnshire

  • Condition: BPH
  • Treatment/Procedure: Greenlight XPS Laser Prostatectomy

Having suffered for 2 years with prostatic hypertension and the problems associated with it including poor urine flow and retention making repeated visits to the toilet both day and night, I finally decided to seek treatment by a urologist ...

Wonderful support throughout

Mr T, Surrey

  • Condition: BPH
  • Treatment/Procedure: Greenlight XPS Laser Prostatectomy

Before the operation on my prostate was performed with laser by Mr Neil Barber I suffered the following problems; weak urinary flow, urinary spray, sudden and uncontrollable urges to urinate and bedwetting. All of these problems have disapp...

I would recommend Mr Barbers team without hesitation.

Mr H, Hampshire

  • Condition: BPH
  • Treatment/Procedure: Greenlight XPS Laser Prostatectomy

I had symptoms for enlarged prostate going back 4 or 5 years and more recently it had become a nuisance.Part of my thoughts in putting it off was the chance that a totally risk free procedure may be introduced. I was lucky enough that my ni...