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Vasectomy & Vasectomy Reversal

Vasectomy is the most effective technique in achieving permanent male contraception, however, reversal is possible.

Vasectomy is probably one of the most effective contraceptive options available today. Either under general or more usually a local anaesthetic block, the drainage tubes from the testicles (vas deferens) are located and disconnected through small incisions of the scrotum.

Vasectomy is very successful and therefore very popular, however, men should be counselled pre-operatively that it should be considered irreversible.

It is important to understand that you cannot immediately rely on vasectomy as the sole method of contraception until semen samples have been analysed and are declared free of active sperm. This usually requires 2 clear samples at 12 and 14 weeks after the procedure.

Vasectomy reversal is performed under a general anaesthetic and the overall chance of successful conception and birth of a baby is about 50%. Issues in terms of the patient’s age and time since vasectomy can have a significant effect upon the chances of success.

Vasectomy reversal is a longer procedure than vasectomy requiring microsurgical techniques and an overnight hospital stay maybe required.

Urology Partners are able to provide suitable advice and surgical expertise relating to both these procedures.