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Focal therapy offers an alternative treatment for prostate cancer, which as it's name suggests, focuses on the area of cancer and not the whole prostate. Simon Bott explains more


High Intensity Focussed Ultrasound (HIFU) is a new, minimally invasive treatment for localised prostate cancer. HIFU can be used either to treat the whole prostate, or just the parts where the cancer is (focal therapy).

HIFU represents one of the newest and perhaps least invasive treatments available for men with prostate cancer that has not spread from the prostate gland itself, i.e localised disease.

Just as a magnifying glass can be used to focus the sun's light and heat to start a fire, the principle of HIFU treatments works in the same way: ie precision focusing of ultrasound waves which rapidly heat and destroy cancerous tissue, without affecting healthy tissue surrounding the prostate gland. The technology permits this destruction to be performed in real-time and with direct monitoring, allowing direct control of the treatment by the surgeon on a second by second basis. Unlike radiation based treatments eg. Brachytherapy, the energy used in HIFU treatment is 'clean' ie does not involve radiation. This also means that repeated treatments are possible.

Urology Partners are able to deliver HIFU treatment to patients using the Sonoblate R 500 system and are recognised as providers by UK HIFU.

For more information about HIFU, read our information leaflet here or visit our specific site