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iTind is a minimally invasive and clinically proven treatment that provides rapid and effective relief from enlarged prostate (BPH) symptoms.

The treatment involves the implantation of a small device into the prostate for 5-7 days, after which it is completely removed. Once the iTind has been implanted, it expands and applies gentle pressure, remodelling the tissue and creating a wider channel through which urine can flow.

There is no permanent implant, heating or removal of the prostate tissue.

The major advantages of using the iTind device are:

  • Preserves sexual and ejaculatory function
  • Preserves urinary continence
  • Routinely urinary catheter free
  • There is no permanent implant
  • No requirement for General Anæsthesia - a procedure using Local Anaesthesia or Light Sedation, alone is now more common.
  • Rapid and effective symptom relief.
  • Durable results.
  • Rapid return to daily life and work in days, opposed to week and months.

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Having the iTIND Procedure - what to expect

The Insertion of iTind:

The iTind procedure will be performed by a urologist in an operating room. Your urologist may provide some light sedation and a local anesthetic. A small thin tube with a tiny camera will be placed into your urethra to determine where to place the iTind. Your urologist will then place the iTind device in your prostate. Once in place you should be able to urinate freely and you will be released to go home. Routinely there is no need for a catheter.

The Implantation Period:

During the next 5-7 days you may return to most normal activities, depending on how comfortable you feel. You may have soreness in the lower abdomen, and it may be uncomfortable to sit. You may experience the need to urinate more frequently and with greater urgency. You may also have some blood in your urine. These are all normal reactions.

The Removal of iTind:

After 5-7 days, your urologist will completely remove the iTind device using a flexible silicone catheter. You may return to normal activities 1-2 days after the removal.

This short video provides an overview of the symptoms of an enlarged prostate and what to expect when having iTind.

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You can also read more about iTIND in this patient information leaflet 

iTIND patient information leaflet

If you decide with your consultant that iTIND is the treatment for you, this leaflet will provide all you need to know.

You've chosen iTIND - what to expect leaflet

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