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Treatment and Procedures

Transperineal Template Biopsy

If an mpMRI scan identifies areas for concern, here at Urology Partners, we follow this up with biopsies of the prostate. Richard Hindley explains more about these biopsies and how combining mpMRI scanning and targeted template biopsies provides a more reliable and accurate diagnosis of prostate cancer.


Template guided prostate biopsies or template prostate mapping (TPM) is performed as a day-case under a short general anaesthetic with the procedure taking 30-40 minutes. There can be some mild bruising afterwards but the risk of infection is greatly reduced using this approach.

In addition to TPM, the traditional trans-rectal approach (TRUS biopsy) can be offered. However in contrast to TPM this method is a bit ‘hit and miss’ and can result in a urinary infection in 3-4% despite antibiotics. At Urology Partners, our consultants are leading the field in template biopsies and studies are seeing significant improvements in diagnosis using this method.

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If you are found to have prostate cancer we will assess both the extent of the tumour (stage) and the aggressiveness of the tumour (Gleason grade). This will allow us to give you the very best advice as to how your cancer should be managed. At Urology Partners we are able to offer all treatment options which include:

  • Active surveillance,
  • Focal therapy with HIFU or Cryosurgery,
  • Radical prostatectomy (laparoscopic or robotic), 
  • Brachytherapy,
  • Radiotherapy or
  • Hormonal therapy.