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Treatment and Procedures


Under direct vision using a telescope passed down the water-pipe (urethra), small ‘chips’ are repeatedly cut away from the prostate, ‘boring out’ a wide channel, relieving obstruction to the flow of urine out of the bladder. We use a ‘bipolar’ TURP, which is safer than the traditional monopolar TURP in terms of reduced blood loss and reduced absorption of fluid during the procedure. Typically patients stay in 48 hours after surgery.

  • TURP has stood the test of time and remains the bench-mark operation to which all newer procedures are compared
  • One of the most frequent urological operations performed so your surgeons have considerable experience, each having performed over 500 cases

In this video on You Tube you can watch to Neil Barber discussing the treatment options for BPH and how TURP remains the gold standard

The following consultants offer this treatment:

Neil Barber; Richard Hindley; Simon BottAmr Emara; Andew Chetwood;  Muddassar Hussain;  Manar Malki