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Bringing you the latest news in BPH treatments

07 Jun 2017

Urology Partners have always been at the forefront of new and emerging technologies which offer patients minimally invasive treatments to aid symptoms of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH).

We currently offer Greenlight Laser and Urolift as the latest treatments for BPH. Our consultants have been part of trials for these treatments and have brought a significant number of patients to take part in these trials. Whilst Greenlight is now approved by NICE and Urolift continues in its pathway for NICE approval, the results from the ongoing trials of these treatments are proving successful.

The latest 5 year results from the LIFT study have now been published and show stable and long term relief for patients suffering with BPH. Unlike other BPH treatments, this procedure requires little anaesthesia or pain medication, and does not involve cutting, heating, or tissue removal. The study also looked at preservation of sexual function and results show that this is preserved.

The results were discussed at the latest AUA conference in Boston USA in May and have now been published here.

Neil Barber is one of the UK’s leading consultants behind the Urolift procedure and he was the first surgeon to bring this unique and cost saving treatment to the NHS, as well as offering it privately in both London and Surrey. He has been using Urolift for 5 years and performed over 300 cases.

New Treatments

Our consultants are also closely involved in the trials for new treatments called Aquablation and Rezum.</>
Rezum is a new treatment being offered in the UK as an additional minimally invasive treatment for BPH. The treatment involves water vapour being targeted at the prostate to shrink it by causing cells to die.

Data was presented at the recent AUA Conference (American Urological Association) in May. Whilst this procedure has been approved by the FDA in America, trials are still undergoing here in the UK. 
Richard Hindley has been the first UK surgeon to use the treatment on both NHS and private patients in Hampshire and is collating data for these patients.

Results from the US showed that obese men experienced similar improvements in symptoms as normal-weight men, and the treatment had little negative impact on their sexual function. Read more on the latest results here

Further information on Rezum can be found in our information sheets section.

Whilst still a new procedure undergoing trials, the preliminary results for Aquablation are already showing positive results.

This treatment is a heat-free, high-velocity waterjet procedure to resect and remove prostate tissue.

Neil has been involved in the WATER trial which is comparing the treatment to TURP (the former Gold Standard treatment). Not only do the results show all patients symptoms had improved, indeed, patients with prostate volume greater than 50 ml and treated with Aquablation had superior IPSS improvement than those treated with TURP. Further benefits for patients include a significantly lower rate of sexual side effects at three months than TURP. For further information on this trial and the results click here


Being involved in research around new treatments for BPH allows us to understand the treatment and the advantages and disadvantages and therefore offer our patients a greater choice of treatment based on expert knowledge and experience.