What Our Patients Say

"This procedure has given me my freedom back"

- Mr J, Surrey

Condition: BPH

Treatment/Procedure: Greenlight XPS Laser Treatment

In 2012 I had a TURP for BPH. This did not appear to be successful because I had a catheter in situ for 3 months afterwards. Some symptoms were relieved but matters became progressively worse again that simple activities like eating out, going to the cinema or going for a walk were governed but the location of public conveniences.Late 2016 I decided that another operation was needed. The green light procedure was carried out by Mr Neil Barber at a Spire Hospital in Surrey in November. The following morning the catheter was removed and I immediately realised that he had done an excellent job. Urine flow was strong. I had no discomfort or pain and was discharged that same morning. I felt so well that I joined my friends for a chipping and putting 9 holes of golf the following Wednesday, less than a week after the procedure. Three months on and I feel just as good as day one.  I recommend Mr Barber and his green light procedure to anyone needing prostate surgery. He is a very pleasant and competent surgeon. This procedure has changed my life and has given me my freedom back. Thank you so much Mr Barber for making my life enjoyable again.

"His care up to my procedure and afterwards was 10 out of 10."

- Mr C, Surrey

Condition: BPH

Treatment/Procedure: Greenlight XPS Laser Treatment

I am writing to thank Neil Barber for the way he treated me when I suffered sudden urine retention and an enlarged prostate.From my first meeting with Neil I felt he fully understood my illness and how I felt about it. His care up to my procedure and afterwards was 10 out of 10.His skill in doing my procedure was amazing, leaving me with no pain and being able to be discharged from hospital the next morning.If one is in need of treatment for this condition  I wholeheartedly recommend him

"Put my anxieties at rest "

- Mr B, Surrey

Condition: BPH

Treatment/Procedure: Greenlight XPS Laser Treatment

Mr Neil Barber is a very pleasant, helpful man who put my anxieties at rest when I talked him about this procedure.Prior to the operation my trips to the bathroom happened every hour or so during the night; and with the help of Tamulosin I was able to last up to four hours during the day.I decided to have the green light laser treatment in November 2016. The operation was at Nuffield Health Hospital in Woking and it went well. I was allowed home the next day.Now, two months after the operation, I can sleep every night for 3-4 hours without going to the bathroom. My urine flow is very strong and I empty my bladder each time.Since the operation I no longer need the Tamulosin and I only need to urinate every 4-5 hours during the day.     I would recommend this operation to anyone who needs it.Thank you Mr Barber. 

"It has honestly changed my life"

- Mr M, Basingstoke

Condition: BPH

Treatment/Procedure: Greenlight XPS Laser Prostatectomy

I just want to express my thanks to Mr Richard Hindley and his team, especially Anita, for the treatment and care I received at the Hampshire Clinic.

Mr Hindley performed my greenlight laser prostatectomy in early March and now 6 months on I can honestly say it has changed my life.

Before treatment I was anxious about going on a car journey for more than about 1.5 hours for fear of not finding a service station or loo. I would be up 2 or 3 times a night which meant I would feel tired during the day and of course I was disturbing my wife's sleep as well.

Since the procedure I do not wake up during the night and now have no issues with traffic jams!!. I feel so much better in myself because of getting a good night's sleep. Needless to say my wife is delighted too.

I would strongly recommend to any man who is experiencing prostate problems to contact their GP to get it investigated. If you could be recommended to Mr Hindley you will be in the best of care.

"Nothing but the highest praise for Neil Barber and his team"

- Mr L,

Condition: BPH

Treatment/Procedure: Greenlight XPS Laser Treatment

I should like to express my thanks to Neil Barber and his team for the green light laser procedure carried out in June at Weymouth Street Hospital.

Having suffered from the symptoms of BPH for the last 8-10 years I finally had to attend the A&E Department at my local hospital at the end of April 2016 with acute urinary retention. Following another 2 further visits to A&E and 2 months of appointments and tests, I decided I didn't want to wait a further 3 weeks. I went online and found the website for Urology Partners and made an appointment to see Neil Barber just days later at Spire Clare Park, Crondall. He was able to carry out the Green Light laser procedure just 2 weeks later in Harley Street and I left the hospital the next day able to void.

Neil Barber advised that I had bladder stones and they may have to be dealt with separately if they did not pass naturally but 3 days after the procedure they were passed in my urine and a follow up ultrasound scan showed that there were none left in the bladder.

I have nothing but the highest praise for Neil Barber and his team and only wish that I had the procedure done sooner. I now, some 3 months after the procedure, do not have to get up 3 times every night to urinate, and can go on long car journeys without stopping every hour!

At 68 years of age I am enjoying life again without the embarrassing and annoying symptoms of BPH.

"Within a week I was off my BPH tablets"

- Mr R, Lincolnshire

Condition: BPH

Treatment/Procedure: Urolift

I recently had a follow up appointment with Mr Barber having had the Urolift procedure and I would like to say how satisfied I am with the whole procedure.

The pre op procedures and tests were thorough and given that I had never  been in hospital before and that I am the definitive coward, I was made to feel very comfortable and I was surprisingly calm.

The operation was quick painless as I knew nothing as to what was going on. The period after the operation was as comfortable as you can be, as I had to have a catheter and a overnight stay, where I was looked after fantastically by the staff on the ward.

I was released the next day and was mowing my sons lawn the day after and being dragged round the shops by my wife. I had no discomfort and was passing urine with ease and no pain at all.

Within a week I was off my BPH tablets and passing urine as well as I was before the problem started. I had no problem with erectile dysfunction or ejaculation, in fact I was more comfortable than I had been before.

I would have no hesitation in recommending this procedure, subject to the obvious recommendations by Mr Barber.

I hope my story will help other patients suffering from this uncomfortable and distressing condition .

Once again a big, big thank you to Mr Barber and his team at Spire Clare Park Hospital.

"Greenlight has given me my life back"

- Mr R,

Condition: BPH

Treatment/Procedure: Greenlight XPS Laser Prostatectomy

I would like to offer this recommendation for Neil Barber's Green Light Laser Surgery. I am a 71-year-old male that had a very enlarged prostate of 170m grams. I went into the Weymouth Street Hospital on a Friday afternoon,  had my operation and was discharged the following morning. After having had urinary retention and a catheter fitted for 4 1/2 months, I consider Neil to have given me my life back. The recovery time was very quick, the attention at the hospital was faultless, and 3 months on, all my old symptoms have disappeared. I couldn't praise Neil or the treatment I had at the hospital enough.

"A flow with 100% improvement!"

- Mr L, Surrey

Condition: Prostatitis

Treatment/Procedure: Urolift

I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you for your care and consideration regarding the Urolift procedure that you performed on me in February 2015.As you may remember I was referred to your good self with chronic prostatitis, and after you had examined me, you recommended that the lift procedure might greatly improve my flow and strength on passing water. You recommended this procedure above some other, much more invasive procedures, which also had some sexual performance issues.Now, after 18 months, you were kind enough to check that everything had healed and all was as it should be, and I now have a flow with 100% improvement! I can only thank you for recommending the lift procedure. At the moment, the prostatitis is a very rare occurrence.

"I would strongly recommend a consultation with Urology Partners"

- Mr G, Lincolnshire

Condition: BPH

Treatment/Procedure: Greenlight XPS Laser Prostatectomy

Having suffered for 2 years with prostatic hypertension and the problems associated with it including poor urine flow and retention making repeated visits to the toilet both day and night, I finally decided to seek treatment by a urologist in November 2015.  Research revealed different surgical interventions and consultant urologists and I decided to seek consultation with Mr Neil Barber of Urology Partners.Following examination, and the advice of Mr Barber, I elected to have Greenlight Laser XPS treatment. I was given comprehensive information and guidance by Mr Barber regarding the surgery and post operative care and indeed what I as the patient should do to ensure a speedy recovery.I am very pleased to say that 3 weeks after my procedure, post operative assessment indicates good progress.  I am already experiencing more normal urinary flow and increased comfort.The bottom line!  Like most men, I was apprehensive of surgery in such a personal and sensitive area. Prostatic Hypertension does interfere with the quality of life of some men. If you are a sufferer, I would very strongly recommend consultation with Mr Neil Barber and Urology Partners.A final word. Jeanette Sindle is the secretary to Mr Neil Barber.  Jeanette managed each of the appointments and documentation in the most professional manner for which I am very grateful. Having travelled 240 miles to appointments I was accommodated early and allowed to make my return home in good time.

"Wonderful support throughout"

- Mr T, Surrey

Condition: BPH

Treatment/Procedure: Greenlight XPS Laser Prostatectomy

Before the operation on my prostate was performed with laser by Mr Neil Barber I suffered the following problems; weak urinary flow, urinary spray, sudden and uncontrollable urges to urinate and bedwetting. All of these problems have disappeared since. Moreover, Mr Barber and his hospital team provided wonderful support from initial consultation, during the one-night hospital stay to full recovery. Throughout this period there is a number to ring should you have any concerns whatsoever. I am extremely satisfied with the outcome.

"I would recommend Mr Barbers team without hesitation."

- Mr H, Hampshire

Condition: BPH

Treatment/Procedure: Greenlight XPS Laser Prostatectomy

I had symptoms for enlarged prostate going back 4 or 5 years and more recently it had become a nuisance.Part of my thoughts in putting it off was the chance that a totally risk free procedure may be introduced. I was lucky enough that my niece worked in this area and was great in reassuring me that I would not regret getting the job done. I was guided to the Urology Partners websites and the various links that gave good coverage and helped me choose the procedure I felt comfortable with.Within 3 or 4 weeks everything had settled down and within 8 weeks I was clear of any worry about possible side effects. My care included a couple of follow up checks with all my questions answered by Mr Barber.I would recommend Mr Barbers team without hesitation.

"Thank You"

- Mr G, Surrey

Condition: Bladder Cancer

Dear Mr Bott,A few seconds of your time to just say thank you to you and your 'team' for a successful 'OP'.

I and so many others I am sure, are indebted to you for your professional skill and services.

"My recovery was swift and painless"

- Mr B, Kent

Condition: BPH

Treatment/Procedure: Urolift

I recently required an effective and painless procedure to overcome my stop and start flow of urine, combined with a dwindling amount of delivery.  I had read a write up of a new procedure outlined in a national paper which seemed to offer all the benefits that I was looking for plus I could go home the same day of the operation.I made contact with Urology Partners at the Spire Clare Park hospital and spoke with Jeanette Sindle, who easily and competently, guided me through the necessary arrangements for me to visit Mr Barber to see if I was an acceptable candidate for this op.After my first appointment with the very affable Mr Barber, who very soon put me at my ease whilst talking about not the easiest subject in the world, I was taken through the procedure step by step, and advised of the benefits that I could look forward to.  This procedure was deemed suitable for "my condition" and after various simple tests were carried out on the first initial appointment, within a very short time I arrived at the hospital for my procedure.On the morning of the procedure Mr Barber came to visit me and reassure me about the operation.  Soon after that I found myself waking up in post op!  Everybody around me was very helpful and the nursing staff were always on hand to offer assistance to get me back on my feet in my own time. Very soon I felt more than happy with my condition and with another visit by Mr Barber to make sure he was happy with the outcome of the procedure, he shook my hand and wished me a safe journey back home.My recovery was very swift and painless and within 2 to 3 days I had a full recovery with a good flowrate and none of that stopping and starting, all in all a very satisfactory outcome!

"I would give you the GREEN LIGHT any day"

- Mr D, Guildford

Condition: BPH

Treatment/Procedure: Greenlight Laser Prostatectomy

After enduring years of incontinence and inconvenience I decided to have surgery on my Prostate Gland. My local hospital suggested a T.U.R.P operation but I was anxious about the loss of blood with this procedure and so  went online to see if an alternative was available. I discovered that several options were available but was impressed, as far as a layman can be, by Green Light laser surgery with its attendant advantage of minimising blood loss. I was perhaps assuming too much by thinking Green Light plus Red blood equals a black surface which is capable of heating rapidly and being destroyed or cauterised but under control of a qualified surgeon this appears to be what happens.Next step was to find such a Surgeon. Luckily I live in Guildford, close by to The Spire and Frimley Park Hospitals where Mr N. Barber under his Group Urology Partners offer such treatment. There was an initial pre operation consultation, examination and full explanation of the procedure, all very laid back and reassuring followed by the operation a few weeks later.I attended the hospital a day before the operation and was made welcome and assured by Mr Barber. My prostate was very enlarged and was told that the procedure might take an hour or more, but not to worry as this was not unusual. I awoke about 3 hours after my pre op injection, drowsy but with no discomfort despite having a catheter for the first 24 hours. Mr Barber visited me on the Ward early on the Sunday morning gowned up for another operation but willing to answer any questions I had. Needless to say I was very comfortable and reassured. Later that day I was able to go home.The post operation period went much better than anticipated and now 18 months later I am still without pain but more to the point I can now  urinate as a young man. I can hold on when required and visit a toilet at my convenience, excuse the pun.  I would recommend to anyone with a prostate problem to contact Urology Partners to discuss the matter without fear or hesitation.

"Successful Outcome"

- Mr H, Bournemouth

Condition: Prostate Cancer

Treatment/Procedure: HIFU

Dear Mr HindleyJust a note to thank you for the successful outcome. I am in no doubt that your considerable expertise ensured a good result and that HIFU was, by far, the best procedure for me. You have made it possible for me to have many years of life, without "complications".

"Wonderful support"

- Mr T, Surrey

Condition: BPH

Treatment/Procedure: Greenlight XPS Laser Prostatectomy

Before the operation on my prostate (performed with laser by Mr Neil Barber), I suffered from the following problems: weak urinary flow, urinary spray, sudden and uncontrollable urges to urinate and bedwetting. All of these problems have disappeared since. Moreover, Mr Barber and his hospital team provided wonderful support from initial consultation, during the one-night hospital stay to full recovery. Throughout this period there is a number to ring should you have any concerns whatsoever. I am extremely satisfied with the outcome.

"I was REALLY well looked after"

- Mr J

Condition: BPH

Treatment/Procedure: Greenlight XPS Laser Prostatectomy

Dear NeilI first came to see you in late January and then had a Green Laser Light procedure at Frimley Park Hospital. The results have been wonderful......my flow is now such that I feel confident I could put out forest fires!....In addition I am not up constantly at night visiting the loo! Sometimes I sleep straight through which is quite glorious. Please do thank all the staff concerned who were both involved in my operation AND my pre and after care. I was REALLY well looked after.Thanks again for everything.  

"The Green Light laser treatment has been an outstanding success for me."

- Mr S

Condition: BPH

Treatment/Procedure: Greenlight XPS Laser Prostatectomy

I found  Richard (Mr Hindley) to be very efficient and at the same time friendly and willing to take as much time as I needed, so I fully understood what the problem was, and what the procedure and aftercare would entail. The whole team were equally as professional and friendly and the facilities were first class. The Green Light laser treatment has been an outstanding success for me.

"These guys are true professionals"

- Mr F

I have had two procedures in recent months at Spire Clare Park hospital carried out by consultant surgeon Neil Barber.I have to say that from initial consultation through pre-op assessment, surgery, recovery and final check, the whole experience with Neil and his team caused me no stress or concern and was conducted in a friendly and comprehensive manner. These guys are true professionals.

"Most satisfactory procedure and outcome"

- Mr J

I am symptom free with no urological problems at all. Altogether a most satisfactory procedure and outcome. Thank you for your skills and care.

"Thank you for the excellent treatment I received during my procedure"

- Mr M

I just wanted to say thank you for the excellent treatment I received during my procedure. I found all the staff I encountered very professional and courteous and I was treated very well.

The hospital obviously works to a very high standard and I feel fortunate to be able to receive this through the NHS.

"Delighted about the outcome"

- Mr B

I write to thank you for your care and attention over my prostate investigation and for your detailed explanation at our meetings of each aspect. You put me at all times fully in the picture, so that I understood what was about to happen and the reasons for each move. We were of course delighted about the outcome but initially a bit stunned, as we were prepared for a talk of operations and treatment – but much better to be positively surprised than the other way round.

I am also very grateful for the kind and considerate care of Anita, of the anaesthesia team and the nurses. It made a potentially worrying time much easier.

So many thanks to everyone